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Designer homes with Vanessa De Vargas

Energetic and ingenious Vanessa De Vargas is an L.A.-based furniture designer and interior decorator, specializing in the restoration of heirloom and vintage furniture pieces.


Her design label and interior design firm, Turquoise, is a reflection of the chic innovation that makes her work so unique within the market. She sells beautifully restored antiques; revamped for the modern client.

Her affection for vintage pieces and their handcrafted charm and impeccable construction has been prevalent since the beginning of her career as a decorator.  

Her love for the gilded glamour of former eras has inspired her to reconstruct and design world-class pieces that she updates with practical and yet chic details, so the pieces can extend to further generations without losing their design integrity. It is this personal and instinctive vision that has allowed her to become one of the most forthcoming and celebrated designers within the niche of vintage furniture restoration.  

Vanessa enjoys mixing old and new pieces together and that homes should feel lived in and reflect the clients’ taste as much as possible. I personally enjoy being able to combine new and old together to create a unique look in my home. We make so many different styles of furniture for projects on Home-Dzine, that sometimes it's nice to be able to mix it all up. Vanessa's way of combining new and old together allows you to buy those vintage pieces you adore, but still have a modern home.

Sourcing vintage furniture in South Africa can be tricky. There are various sources such as Gumtree and Bid or Buy, but you're not always 100% sure on what to expect. I personally bought an oak dressing table, only to find out that it was veneer. That's not something you want. The best way to shop for vintage pieces is to look around secondhand shops and visit estate auction sales. These allow you to browse what's available and then buy what you can afford.





One thing you notice immediately about interiors designed by Vanessa de Vargas... her use of colour. Spaces are filled with bright splashes of colour, either from restored pieces, accent walls, for from accessories that she incorporates into her design. Having personally evolved from a decorator that used only neutral shades of beige and brown, I now love to experiment with colour at every opportunity. If you have never had colour before in your home, don't be afraid to try small splashes here and there - even if it is only with accessories.