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Production excellence from Wiid Design

Wiid Design in Cape Town focuses on traditional handcrafting and avant-garde techniques to create conceptual and artistic furniture and hard-carved objects.


Established by Laurie Wiid van Heerden, Wiid Design in Cape Town creates conceptual furniture and hand-crafted objects that merge art and design into durable products.

Wiid  Design's range includes a selection of furniture, lighting, tableware and hand-carved pieces that have their origin in contemporary design with a focus on traditional handcrafting techniques.

By combining handcrafting and avant-garde techniques, Wiid transforms materials such as timber, metals and cork into life-enriching and durable objets d’art. Laurie likes to explore the juncture between first and third worlds and the notion of luxury, both in past and future terms.

Founder Laurie Wiid van Heerden was awarded the 'Maker To Market' award in 2013 at the Southern Guild Design Foundation Awards, and the Production Excellence in South African Design award in 2014 from Conde Nast House & Garden. Laurie has also won the Best Lighting Design award in 2015 at the One Hundred Percent Design South Africa Awards.

International acclaim comes as being nominated as a finalist in the Absolut Visi Designer of the year competition in the emerging designer category for 2011 and having exhibited at international design fairs such as 100% Design in London, Design Days Dubai, Design Miami/Basel in Switzerland and Design Miami in the United States, all of which go to show the quality of work and attention to detail that Wiid Design presents in all its projects.





Many pieces in the Wiid Design range use traditional methods in conjunction with CNC technology. By combining natural materials such as cork and hardwoods, Wiid is able to create something new and original that merges the line between art and design.

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A new addition to the Wiid range is a collaboration with Ceramic Matters. Incorporating a selection of tables, including a ceramic drop-leaf table and ceramic tables, these new additions are manufactured from Walnut with reactive glazed tiles. Each tile is unique due to the color difference when fired.