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A home in touch with nature

Originally designed by renowned architect Charles Moore, and focusing on bringing together indoor and outdoor spaces, Urrutia Design took full advantage of the natural site location of this property to design and renovate a home that now flows seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.


While the exterior of the home wraps and weaves itself into the natural landscape, the interior is modern and beautifully decorated, with many of the furniture and accessories being hand made using organic materials, and others being original pieces that were restored to their former glory.

Urrutia wished to take it to the next level by creating a seamless flow from the great room to the backyard, which is comprised of a pool, patio and outdoor kitchen. His goal was to develop a luxurious oasis to capitalize on its natural surroundings.

To take advantage of the impeccable landscape, he replaced the previously windowed wall with two 22-foot sections of collapsible doors in the kitchen. There are also three skylights and additional windows and doors that filter in light to create a sunny kitchen all day. In addition there is a beautifully decorated guest retreat, perfect for entertaining friends and family.

The designer not only designed the home and oversaw the construction, he also designed the interiors, selecting all furnishing and accessories. A lot of the pieces were custom designed, such as the pillows, benches and ottomans as well as some of the upholstered furniture. Some of the other pieces were vintage, which the designer had restored. Urrutia has since sold the home to a family who is enjoying all of the incredible renovations that were done to the home, and took most of the furnishings with it!

In the open plan dining area, sliding doors made of plywood and assembled on site are detailed to give the appearance of barn doors. The doors are painted black to blend in with the upholstered furniture.

Attention to detail plays an important role in the interior of this home. Detailed trim around windows and doors adds architectural interest and creates a feature with its crisp white finish against the darker walls.





Natural light is introduced into darker areas of the home with the installation of skylights.

A concertina sliding door opens to reveal the casual dining area, kitchen and formal dining space, allowing these spaces to flow directly onto the raised deck above the pool area.

Everywhere you look comfortable seating provides a place to sit and relax and take in the surrounding beauty of the natural landscape that surrounds the property.

A huge tree is given plenty of space to spread it limbs and provide welcome shade during the hot summer months.