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Add a dash of black

One of my favourite colour schemes is black and white.  Just like upscale social events, black and white interiors are elegant, timeless and oh so stunning!   They are also great for spaces where you want to emphasise clean, sophisticated lines.    Here are a few of my favourite black and white room designs.  I hope they inspire you as they do me in adding a little elegance to your living spaces.     


Many rooms are successful and beautiful without any black in them; however, black has an amazing power to solidify a colour scheme, pull together disparate pieces of furniture, and give your home a touch of glam. It is amazing what just a small dash of black will do for a space!

Black is useful in a colour palette because it works with every design style – from traditional to contemporary.  The colour black is to your home’s interior what a little black dress or a stunning pair of black heels is to a woman’s wardrobe – it is fundamental and classic. Each room in your home will achieve a greater sense of balance if you add a dash of black – a small vase, a side table or picture frame should do the trick.





Use black to make other elements of a room stand out. For instance, black light shades draw more attention to a light fixture than conventional white ones do.

There's certainly no shortage of ways you can introduce black. It really does go with almost everything. Black can look good with almost any colour. But it is best used with contrasting colours — lights and brights — rather than darker shades. Bright colours like aqua and lime really sizzle against black.