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Luxurious interiors without the price tag!

Bringing a touch of luxury into your home doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune with these 6 easy tips.


With a few clever design tricks it's easy to introduce luxury into a home without spending a fortune. We have compiled a list of 6 tips to help bring a touch of luxury to your home.

There's nothing more depressing than flipping through the pages of your favourite design magazine to find see photos of gorgeous home interiors that look expertly designed, perfectly curated and, well, expensive. But with a few clever decorating tricks and choosing timeless classics can make your home look more expensive without the expensive price tag.

Choose a neutral colour palette

One easy way to bring that effortlessly chic and expensive look into a home is to opt for neutral walls. Neutral doesn't have to be boring and bland and you can choose from shades of pale grey, light taupe or white to add a neutral backdrop to rooms. With a neutral canvas, it is so easy to allow artwork or accent pieces to be standout features.





Keep it simple

Don't go overboard with too many pieces in a room. An uncluttered room pays homage to the pieces in the room and it's easy to add a few statement pieces like an heirloom or vintage coffee table, an arrangement of fresh flowers, or an eye-catching chandelier or pendant light to bring in that luxe appeal.

Highlight architectural details

Even if you have a modern home, adding decorative cornice or skirting, or installing crown moulding adds a polished look to rooms. This type of finish is seen in luxurious homes and gives a timeless, classic elegance that can be achieved without the expensive price tag. Crown moulding is not expensive if you take the DIY installation route, and installing crown moulding can be an easy project to do - with instant results. Pop into your local Builders Warehouse to see a wide selection of inexpensive cornice and crown moulding products for DIY installation.



Refresh dated fabric and textiles

Upholstered furniture can so easily bring down the look and feel of a room. If you want to give your home a luxurious look you don't need to go out and buy expensive new furniture. Rather look at how you can update furniture, either by giving it a coat or two of paint or by having it reupholstered in a modern fabric.

Don't forget about window treatments. So often, windows get left behind when re-decorating a room, yet windows are the main feature in any room and should be given that extra bit of attention. Highlighting windows with a refreshed window treatment can make any room look more luxurious, especially when you consider all the options for dressing windows.

Choose a window treatment that will add a timeless yet luxe touch, such as Roman blinds in your choice of fabric, or a layered window treatment for a room that requires light control and privacy. If you're not sure which treatment would look best in a room, let the experts at Finishing Touches put together design options that you can choose from. A simple trick to highlight window treatments is to add metallic rods and finials or go for a dynamic contrast with black rods.



Another detail that you shouldn't overlook if you want to add that luxe feeling to a room, is rugs. Not only will a rug add comfort underfoot but rugs are also great for defining living areas and bring texture and pattern into a home. If you have the budget, do splurge on a rug that will complement the existing decor in the room.

Small details DO matter

Small details such as light and plug covers, handles and knobs, and even lighting, can easily be updated to incorporate metallic or modern finishing that will add luxury to a home. Simply by removing and replacing small items is an easy way to make a room feel more expensive. And don't forget about kitchens and bathrooms as these are rooms that will give you the most return on your investment and a more expensive look for your own enjoyment.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can cheat for an expensive look with inexpensive materials by using metallic spray paint to give furniture, handles, knobs and light fittings a new, more luxe look.

Highlight your art collection

Whether you have a collection of favourite photographs, framed posters, or carefully curated art, putting your art on display immediately adds personality to a home. Pay attention to framing your art as this can instantly make any artwork look more expensive - even your own artistic creations.



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