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Simple design by Roberto Gil

Roberto Gil calls his designs 'practical minimalism'; a straightforward approach that places functionality and the efficient use of materials well above stylistic considerations. His pieces are more 'constructed' than 'designed', and like sawhorses or temporary scaffolding, they are simple and easy to make.


While Roberto Gil designs a range of children's furniture, he claims this range came about purely by accident. "I’ve always liked the round portholes that boats have, and I see boats from my studio window all day," he said. "And this bed solves a lot of common problems. Not least of which, the rail on the bottom bed is taller, to make it safe for younger children, and there are holes in the ladder because they’re easy to grab. Also, the bed is made of Baltic birch plywood, which is so sturdy you can jump up and down on the top bunk," he said. "And yes, I tried it!"

While South Africans may struggle to find Baltic birch plywood, with a bit of digging around you are sure to find a supplier that stocks some boards.

What's nice about Roberto's range of children's loft beds is that the simple design incorporates many functional elements all in one. Sleeping, storage and study are essential activities in a tween or teen room and these beds allow for all these in a single, compact design. See Roberto Gil's collection of children's furniture on Casa Design. While we may not be able to buy here in South Africa, these designs are simple enough to replicate.

While Roberto says that he finds his designs beautiful, there was never any intention to make them so. "There is something inarguable about them; they are what they are and there is no pretension, no 'style', no 'look'. Common sense, experience and repetition is the best formula to guarantee good results," says Roberto.





If you prefer to buy rather than make children's furniture, check out the range of spacesaver beds on