Shipping container = comfortable garden room

An empty shipping container is turned into a garden retreat with floor-to-ceiling sliding windows, air conditioning and comfortable seating. The roof of the container is planted up to soften the hard steel edges.

Measuring 8 x 40 feet the shipping container only requires a few modifications to become a garden retreat for this family. While it serves to provide a place to sit and relax, the container also provides a playroom for the kids and doubles as a guesthouse when the occasion arises.

At one end of the container a wall mounted basin, shower cubicle and composting toilet provide all the facilities necessary for guests that stay over. Furniture is the room isn't your average garden furniture, but creates an area that extends the living area.

Renewable bamboo floors and walls bring the outdoors indoors and help to create a flow between the garden room and surrounding garden. The wall panelling was essential, as insulation was required to ensure that the interior of the shipping container didn't become an 'oven' during the summer months.

The green roof not only softens the strong lines of the shipping container, but also reduces the cost of running an air conditioner to keep the interior cool. A few containers of grassy plants and reeds soften the front exterior of the shipping container.

The fibreglass awning also helps to cut down on air conditioning to keep the room cool during the hottest part of the day, and adds another element to the finished design.




A planting of compact bamboo behind the container provides a screen from neighbours and also a backdrop that frames the unique garden room.

Placing the shipping container required the use of a small crane to lift and move, so if you like this idea be sure to figure this into your calculations. Great idea for an outdoor or separate home office !