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Decor trends for 2014

While I am a big believer in decorating according to personality and style preference, it's always nice to know what décor analysts are predicting for the year ahead and to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world of interiors.


For 2013, and according to some in the know, French flair will be big, while others are showing support for ever-popular retro. Opinion is divided on patterns as well. Certain circles are firmly behind soft florals, while their opponents are touting animal and marble print as the trends for the year. But which looks are the trend forecasters agreeing on?

Metal elements
Having entered the décor scene in 2013, the popularity of brass, copper and steel is set to increase in 2014. These durable metals are affordable and timeless. They can be used to give a space an industrial feel, but work just as well with a vintage theme.

The former can most easily be achieved in the kitchen, with brass pots and pans, and cooker hoods. Do vintage in the bedroom with brass or copper bed frames, antique brass lamps, or more affordably with vintage brass handles and knobs. Or add an industrial touch with galvanised pipe fittings and accessories.

Yellow, mellow or not
Not sure why, but the hottest colour in 2014 is predicted to be yellow. The hue will depend on your personal taste but you can choose any tint from neon or acid tints if you’re daring, or pastel shades if a softer looks is preferred.

Great colours to team yellow with are greens, blues and whites. These combinations work especially well in sun rooms, living rooms or deck areas. It is easy for yellow to overpower other colours, so keeping it for accents only is a recommended option.



Neo classical inspiration
Ancient Roman and Greek busts are set to be huge this year. The Roman and Grecian influence will filter through to furniture as well. Think couches with elaborate rounded feet and arm rests.

Ancient Egypt will play a big role in décor too, from paintings to wallpaper and sculptures. You can opt to fuse these elements with more modern pieces to redo entire rooms, or scatter a few small pieces throughout your home.

Circular and geometric shapes
Square shapes are out in 2014. The focus will be on circles and geometric lines. They appear in tables, chairs, couches, bedding, carpets, chandeliers and other overhead lights. They make it to the table and walls as well in the form of bowls, vases, clocks and oversized pendant lights.

The playful shapes of circles and geometric lines have been seen at design expos the past year or two, so it’s great to see that they’re finally making their way into our homes. They’re shapes that are perfectly suited to individuals with a taste for futuristic elements and clean silhouettes.

Male influences
With gender roles overlapping more and more, it was only a matter of time until the pieces in the den were moved into the lounge or bedroom. That’s right, male influences will be seen much more widely in homes this year.

But it won’t be about transforming a room to be purely masculine, it will be about fusing the leather and heavy furniture typically favoured by men with softer elements preferred by women. The key to success will be in striking a healthy balance, so look forward to interesting debates with your other half in 2014.