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Galvanised pipe clothes racks & rails

We have previously featured quite a few projects and inspired decor ideas using galvanised pipe. Now we would like to show you a complete range of galvanised pipe clothes racks and rails that will inspire you to grab your power tools and rush down to your local Builders Warehouse or salvage yard!


You can buy galvanised pipe and fittings from steel merchants or in Gauteng from Noags, on the East Rand or

Reclaimed wood and galvanised pipe are combined together to make a rolling garment rack. Add industrial or rustic style that's practical and tough. Heavy duty casters providing mobility and the perfect solution for urban dwellers needing extra storage space for their clothing.

Great for indoor or outdoor use, this rolling clothes hanger is built for storage. Heavy duty castors allow for mobility, while a double hanging rail and bottom storage shelf provide plenty of space for clothes and footwear.





Equipped with plenty of hanging and shelf space, this reclaimed wood and galvanised pipe clothes rack can be moved around from room to room - or for those that rent you can take it with you when you move!

Some reclaimed timber and galvanised pipe and you can easily put together a mobile clothes rack or rail for added storage space in any home. For a modern look, rather than industrial style, use PAR pine and copper pipe, or spray galvanised pipe with Rust-Oleum Universal in a bold gloss, metallic or hammered finish.