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Comfortable chair for reading, working, study and storage

Ever so often you come across a piece of furniture that is simple yet ever so practical. This reading chair is one of those. Designed to be an all-in-one chair that can be used not just for seating, but as a storage for books as well - I can so see myself making one of these chairs.


The look of this chair belies its simple design. Comprising of blocks of supawood or plywood, a simple cut foam cushion adds comfort, while a padded side panel offers privacy and screens off any distractions. I would probably leave off the side panel and leave that side open - or add shelves to both sides.





Here you can see the storage boxes on the side of the chair. Plenty of space to store books, magazine or small work-at-home essentials. There's even space for you to put your cup of tea or coffee while you read or study.

The back and padded side panel have elastic straps added for easy storage of magazines and newspapers.

I would probably make my chair using 16mm SupaWood and then spray with Plascon Double Velvet or Wall & All, so that it's easy to keep clean. Having foam cut to size can be done at Foam Factory, but otherwise everything else you need can be sourced at your local Builders Warehouse and fabric stores.