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Where to Start When Creating Your Dream Living Room

We have created this mini-guide to help you in creating your dream living room.


The living room is the key room in the house. Most people start their home design with it to match its vibes with all the other rooms. Creating a fun, yet functional, space is very challenging and exciting, that’s why decorating the living room is probably every designer’s favorite part; it’s a space that you get to be creative however you want without any restrictions. Since this task can be quite puzzling on its own, knowing where to start and organizing your thought process is essential to succeed. People often find themselves confused about what they should start with to be able to create the living room of their dreams. That’s why we have created this mini-guide to help you in overcoming this overwhelming train of thoughts.

Vision Vs Real Life

The main struggle that faces anyone who decides to decorate their living room is the difference between their vision for the space and reality. Reality hits harder than you imagine. You might apply everything that you have ever dreamed of just to discover that the furniture doesn’t go with your color palette or that you favored aesthetic over function.

Luckily enough, the internet is filled nowadays with design apps and websites that could assist you by allowing you to check your living room interior design in 3D before you make any purchases or decision that you might regret. All you need to do is provide the measurements of your living room and the design you want to achieve and you will be able to see for yourself whether your design is perfect or it needs some changes.

Purpose And Aesthetic

Determining the room's purpose and aesthetic is the first step to any successful design. Do you want your living room to be a fun space where you can invite your friends over? Do you want it to be formal where you can work or study? Or do you want the room to be chill where you can relax and enjoy your glass of wine? Aesthetic, on the other hand, will determine your color palette and furniture options. Do you want to create a modern minimal house with neutral colors? Or a cozy house that radiates warmth? Don’t forget that these types of decisions say a lot about your preferences, personality, and the story you want to tell people about yourself.

Color Scheme

It’s already proven that color has huge psychological effects on our mood, emotions, and feelings. There are two approaches that you need to respect while you are choosing your color palette. The first one is considering how colors can change the overall feel and look of the room. Combining red with orange will create a fun and exciting environment. While combing magenta, black, lilac will give a modern outlook to the room. You can go for blue, brown, and gray for a more serious space if you are intending on doing study groups or meetings. The second thing that you need to pay attention to is how you need to achieve balance with your color palette. You can highlight, hide, or create a balanced space with your color options.

Furniture Before Painting

Painting before the furniture is a common mistake that you should avoid. Doing so might only leave you with a weird-looking space that doesn’t make any sense. Your furniture and other elements should blend in together to create the perfect living room design instead of sticking out weirdly. That’s why, it’s always a good decision to decide on furniture pieces and sets, the artwork you want to hang, and the essentials that you must have in every living room before even deciding on your color palette. After you finish your layout, you will be able to easily decide between the colors you want that will go with the design you have chosen. If you are confused about the exact shades of the colors you have set your mind on, you can take a small sample to the paint store with you so you can get the shade you dreamed about.

Designing your own house, especially the living room, is not an easy task for anyone. Creating the living room of your dreams can be overwhelming. That’s why you need to break down this hard task into smaller tasks until you reach your dream design. Choose first the furniture and its arrangement, then move to décor extras such as rugs and curtains. After that, you will need to decide on your color palette and lighting that will complement your design.



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