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An entrance to remember

When welcoming guests into your home you want to make a big impression - a "wow" moment - something that they will remember long after they have left, and possibly even want to duplicate in their own home!


As an integral part of a home, an entrance should just look good - it needs to be practical too. And you don't need a large space to be able to have an entrance with impact - a small shelving unit, a bookshelf or a table can be used to make even the smallest space stylish!

Just this one single piece of furniture will make a statement when dressed to impress. These tables can be a beautiful focal point in any room in a home, but are definitely a "must have" for an entrance way! Once you have your console table it's time to get down to the dressing and styling to create your new entrance.

While the secret to the perfect display is creating a vignette (a small collection or display), it's not always necessary to go to that extent - it’s a matter of personal taste and ensuring that you keep in mind a few design rules: balance, colour, texture, and scale of the items you wish to display.

james michael howard

When designing and decorating your entrance, bear in mind three commonly used arrangements:


While an arrangement that is symmetrical appears to be more formal and organised in its layout, a symmetrical arrangement is one of the easiest to create. The eye is naturally drawn to ordered arrangements.

james michael howard





Get together all the pieces that you would like to display on the console table and start arranging. You can take as long as you want to set everything out until you are satisfied. Finally, it's time to add some atmosphere lighting.



While we are naturally drawn to an ordered arrangement, an asymmetrical - or casual - arrangement can be just as intriguing! With a table vignette this is normally achieved by placing one tall item - in this case a vase - alongside a single or arrangement of smaller items.

Private collections

A collection of like items showcased together can make a powerful statement, especially where objects are of a similar colour but of varying heights, shapes and textures. - adding visual interest.

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james michael howard