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Retro Living Spaces with Italtile

There is a global trend that highlights long-forgotten eras to bring about a collection of tiles based on cementine and intarsia - designs that have been remastered using inkjet technology.






RETRO Takes you back to Ancient Times

Bringing the past into the future, RETRO is reminiscent of cementine, an ancient art that has been brought into the 21st century with the use of inkjet technology. The RETRO range of tiles from Italtile are suitable for both walls and floors in any style of home to create an eye-catching feature.


DID YOU KNOW? Retro style is all about a decorating ideal that takes its cues from historical periods, whether it's a throwback to 70s chaotic designs, Art Nouveau's flourishes, or another nostalgic period.









The Durability of Porcelain Tiles

Did you know that porcelain tiles are far denser than your everyday ceramic tiles? You can drill easily into ceramic tiles with an HSS bit but drilling into porcelain tiles requires the use of a specialised bit. Porcelain tiles are harder, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or areas of heavy abuse. Porcelain tiles, being less porous than ceramic tiles that, even if unglazed, can be cleaned without difficulty.



RETRO features a warm honey hue with light and dark contrasts and each tile is unique and differs subtly from each other.





This porcelain tile can be fitted in a bathroom or bedroom, kitchen or living room, or even as a garage floor. The matt finish offers easy cleaning and porcelain can be used in areas of high traffic.









Decorate your living spaces with boldly patterned patchwork tiles in styles such as Mediterranean mixes, intricate florals, eye-catching tribal symbols or assorted geometrics, Art Nouveau or Art Deco styles






RETRO porcelain tiles are onTREND to decorate any home with interesting patterns, warm colours and intriguing designs.






INTARSI the Pairing of Marble and Wood





Another exciting style of tiles available at Italtile is INTARSI. This range celebrates a growing trend of bringing together the warmth of wood and the cool mood of marble. This elegant porcelain tile features a patchwork of designs that pay homage to intarsia, the lost art of the Renaissance period.


DID YOU KNOW? Intarsia is very similar to the art of marquetry, where wood inlaying techniques were used to create furniture and decorative pieces that involved complex designs and ones that can still be found today.







Available in a variety of design styles, INTARSI uses the technology of inkjet printing to achieve the beautiful designs that are available for decorating elegant living spaces.





Whatever tile style you choose, you can be secure in the knowledge that these porcelain tile designs are durable and long-lasting and perfect for all your living spaces.







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