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What does the colour in a home say about your personality?

There is more to colour than what you see; colour is also an experience, an emotion, a feeling or a desire that starts as a neural signal along the optic nerve of the eye. That's why decorating your home with personal or favourite colours makes you feel comfortable, or creates a setting that is designed to create a specific emotion or feeling.


Everyone has a favourite colour, whether it's a bold blue, splash of black or sunny yellow. The colours you choose for your living spaces are an indication of your personality, and in this article we take a look at what you colour selection says about you...

Adrian Briscoe/Homes & Gardens

If you love the sunny colours of yellow and orange you have a friendly personality and enjoy sharing the feeling. These colours tend to make a room hug you and make you feel comfortable and secure, but be careful how you use yellow and orange in a small room, as they can be overpowering. Use yellow and orange for a feature wall, or add splashes of these colours to accessories within the room, such as curtains, rugs and soft accessories.

Dan Duchars/Ideal Home

Dominate a room with blue and then add yellow or white - or combine yellow and white together - and your playful side shines through indicating a more creative side to your personality.

Softer shades of blue show that you have a compassionate, caring side, even though often a tad too sensitive. Whether this is your personality of not, decorating with soft shades of blue and white is a fresh look for a dull room.

Colours in the blue spectrum are also cooling and calming and therefore perfect for a hot, sunny room or an office space that feels the heat of tension more than the heat of the sun .

Dan Duchars/Ideal Home






Tim Young/Ideal Home

Mauve and lavender are colours that reflect a personality that is refined and yearns for order and culture in every sense. The darker shades are traditionally the colours of nobility and a combination of light and dark show your true nature to actively participate in noble causes. Mauve and lavender are also perfect colours for adding interest to a room that lacks architectural detail or interest. They glam up a space without overpowering - creating a feeling that is cosy yet unconfined. Add a splash of vibrant yellow and you create an elegant setting that is more modern and less traditional.

Simon Bevan/Homes & Gardens

Jake Curtis/Living Etc

Shades of grey, beige and brown offer a sense of permanence and a link to the more organic side of nature. And like these colours in nature, your personality is attracted to the fact that these colours are timeless and you won't need to re-paint your home that often. But don't think of these colours as boring... anything but. There are so many ways to lift a neutral scheme with any colour. There are experts that say decorating with shades of grey reflects a staid or boring personality, but I agree with those that say that grey is a colour associated with maturity and a move away from flightly colours. However, if you want to avoid a totally depressing look, add colours to grey to lift this colour. Any colours work well with grey and you can inflect a different aspect of your personality simply by adding a colour you love.

Chris Everard/Livingetc