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Vastu Ideas for Home Decoration

The close connection to nature is what makes Vastu what it is and the importance of it cannot go unnoticed due to the positivity and harmony that it bestows to each and every home.



When it comes to wanting your house to become a home, the right kind of energy is extremely primal. Vastu is one of the most traditionally followed aspects when it comes to setting up one’s house. One of the most important factors about Vastu is the energy that a house brings when one enters their place of shelter.

Whether it’s choosing the right curtains or joining mattress foundations, the whole motive of going by Vastu is to ensure that you experience quality living at its best. Moreover, keeping your home decor in line with your home interiors is one of the easiest ways in which you can radiate positive energy at all times.

The philosophy behind Vastu Shastra is based on the principle of the flow of the cosmic energy within a space. This discipline helps an individual live in balance with the five elements of nature - air, water, fire, earth and space. The close connection to nature is what makes Vastu what it is and the importance of looking at it cannot go unnoticed due to the positivity and harmony that it bestows to each and every individual’s home.

In such a scenario, there are several ways in which one can decorate their home space. Some of the ways in which you can decorate your home as per Vastu requirements are as follows:



When it comes to placing your television at home, the one thing you need to always remember is that your furniture always points to the television. Ensure that you always place your television at the south-east corner of your house. Avoid placing it on the north-east corner of the house as it is believed that a family often spends time wasting time in front of the television rather than communicating among one another.




Whether it’s choosing the right sofa set or going for the right adjustable bed frame, it is important that each of these meet the Vastu requirements of your home. It is usually advised that choosing a double mattress instead of a single mattress is a wiser option. Using these angled pieces and investing in recliners for your living room is a great way to relax, as well.



If you own a living room that faces the north or east side from where the sun comes, hanging sheer or light curtains are the way to go. In case your living room’s light comes from the south or west, it’s best that you keep your windows covered with heavy drapes. The more the light, the greater the positivity and home needs ample of it.


Plants & Open Space

Keeping the north-east corner of your living room clean and free is believed to attract good fortune to the family. Decorating this space with plants is a great way to go, as long as you ensure to take good care of them so that they remain healthy at all times. Keeping plants also increases oxygen levels in the housekeeping it fresh and clean at all times.



Chandeliers are one of the most common home decors in multiple homes, as it enhances the beauty of a home in its fine elegance. While you’d expect a chandelier to be in the centre of the room, it should preferably be placed at the south or west side of the same.



Lighting has always played an important role. The brighter the light, the more positive the energy. Dark rooms are usually great for sleeping during the night, but it’s known to usually repel positive energy in case your lighting is too dark. A well-lit room can also be achieved through bulbs that have a soothing glow to it, so that you can not only attain positivity, but also comfort.


Wooden Affair

When they say “touch wood”, it isn’t just an expression but the simple fact that wooden furniture often brings harmony to the family that owns it. Wooden furniture is recommended quite often due to its close connection to nature, which is what Vastu is based on.



Placing a mirror on the wall opposite the foot of your bed can cause a lot of disturbance to your sleep. It is said that when you sleep, you tend to release a lot of stress and placing a mirror opposite your bed can hold in that stress and reflect back on you causing your sleep to be disturbed. In such a scenario, keeping your mirror to the side of your bed or covering it at night can help you achieve a peaceful and refreshed sleep.



Wall Colors

Like your lighting, you’d be surprised as to how vital of a role the color of your walls play in helping you receive positive energy. As per the guidelines of Vastu, light colors such as white, light yellow, blue and green are the best to choose from among other options. Apart from the tranquillity they bring, these colors also help bring out the beauty of your home, unlike dark colors.


Paintings & Art

A house is automatically a home when one gets a little creative. It’s always wonderful to decorate your home with beautiful paintings and canvases. In case you do own some great paintings or are a painter yourself, the north-east wall is the best place to hang your beauties. While all paintings have a message behind it, it is always recommended that you avoid painting that depicts anger, pain, hunger or any other negative impact.


Clutter-free Living

One of the best ways to radiate positive energy is by keeping your home neat and tidy at all times. Keeping it dust-free and organizing your space by building sufficient storage spaces to keep things away, is one of the easiest ways in which you can avoid clutter altogether.



You can always look for better options by consulting a professional so as to keep things intact and in harmony. Vastu is a great way to keep your home as comfortable, safe and prosperous as possible because after all, a happy place to live is what everyone seeks.



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