Knockdown approach to DIY furniture

As our natural resources become increasingly scarce, we need to look at alternative ways to make use of less. Using less is just as beautiful, as can be seen with the Knockdown range from Louie Rigano.


The Knockdown range consists of a bookshelf, a stool, and a tray table. These three pieces explore alternative methods of construction that require no tools for assembly. The bookshelf uses pegs to support the shelves and can be easily rearranged. The wood stool has a square seat that is slotted in place between four notched legs. 








The design of the legs allows a slight curve inward that holds the seat in tension. The 'X' shaped crossbeams also lock in place.


The tray table implements a crossbeam that locks in place and two triangulated leg pieces. The two angled rectangular openings in the top get wedged onto the top of the legs to create the handles that make the piece easy to carry and move about. The tray top can also be detached and used for serving.



Put your tools to good use and create your own designer furniture. Japanese Oak was the material of choice for this range of furniture, but you can substitute with alternative and locally available, sustainable hardwoods.