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Furniture for the home that is low cost and practical

Matchbox manufactures a range of furniture that centres around products that are basic and practical. Products offer a design that excludes unnecessary detail for simple, low-cost, good quality products.


Each piece of furniture is handmade by graduates of an entrepreneur development programme based in Diepsloot, South Africa. The program offers free mentoring and coaching for local entrepreneurs with a commitment to sustainability and uplifting the community.

Furniture is centred around designing a product that requires minimal technology and unnecessary detail to create simple, low-cost, good quality products with finishes, lines and forms that are minimised for manufacturing ease.

When purchasing raw / natural pieces (as a standard) these may be customised using a limited paint colour range or clear varnish. This allows the understated designs to blend into the home - neutralising, rather than cluttering, a living space.

Materials used in the manufacturing process are used efficiently with minimal waste, and reused where possible. Plywood is sourced from environmentally proactive sawmills and any paint used is guaranteed to be lead-free environmentally friendly.

All furniture can be customised with caster wheels, ply feet, or customised doors, drawers or storage boxes. All product can be made to specific dimensions on request.






For more information visit  Note: Since posting this article several readers have battled to get in touch with Matchbox Home Online. Unfortunately, I do not have any other contact details for this company.