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Decorate a home for the festive season in Scandinavian style

This year there is a trend to decorate a home for the festive season with Scandinavian style.


If you love to decorate your home for the festive season with a minimalist touch, then you're going to love the trend for decorating in Scandinavian style. Known for their attention to detail without too much fuss, it's easy to celebrate the festive season by dressing your home with a few selected accessories with more of a focus on less is best.



The trend for decorating in Scandinavian style translates perfectly for South African homes, since it is all about creating a comfortable space without the hassle of going over the top with decor and decorations. A Scandinavian is simple yet elegant and fits perfectly into our hectic lifestyles with it's clean lined, neutral hues and use of organic and natural materials.

Everything about a Scandinavian-styled home is about using what you have, incorporating recycled or natural materials to create holiday decor that is simple yet elegant and foregoing excess. Think silver and white in a variety of textures from tapered candles to fluffy sheepskin stools. Or go for a warmer look with copper or gold accents brought into the setting.







Keep it simple and wrap presents in plain brown paper with a bit of dazzle and glitter to embellish your holiday gifts. Place these underneath the Christmas tree. If you're all about recycling, you can wrap your presents for family and friends in newspaper and dress up with pretty ribbons and bows.

Simplicity is the key to successfully decorating with Scandinavian flair. You don't have to forego a bit of festive splash in your home, but try not to overdo it. Bring in a few festive elements, a simply styled Christmas tree and some fresh fruits and flowers for the prefect holiday setting.

Decorating a home in Scandinavian style allows you to incorporate traditional style for settings that combined china and crystal with just a dash of greenery with wreaths and garlands, and just enough red to warm up the festive dining table. A classic red tablecloth can be used throughout the year and it's easy to pair this with white runners and serviettes.



Bring natural elements into your decorating to set up an elegant setting that is the epitome of Scandinavian style. Tree branches, rough logs, pine cones and fresh greenery from the garden create a natural setting that go perfectly with understated Scandinavian decor.

South Africans spend as much time outdoors during the festive season as they do indoors, and there's no reason why you can't decorate your outdoor entertaining area as you would your indoor decor. Think rustic, natural and organic materials.



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