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Add nailhead trim to upholstered furniture

One of the hottest design trends to appear this year, is the use of upholstery pins on upholstered furniture. By using nailheads - or upholstery pins - you can create a new dimension to your upholstered pieces.


Now you can combine decorative and glamorous to add jewellery to your furniture!

All you need to add nailhead trim to any piece of furniture is a small hammer or rubber mallet and upholstery pins to match your piece, it's also handy to have a pair of pliers ready for any boo-boos.

Nailhead trim has become extremely popular to outline the curves of a chair or table, or embellish a piece with a fanciful design. While still used in classical design you’ll see plenty of contemporary pieces adorned with nailheads.

You can buy upholstery pins online and choose from hundreds of nail shapes (stars, lobed domes, lozenges), finishes (bronze, brass, chrome), and sizes (small, medium, and large). You can ornament a headboard, chairs, tables and more.

Dress up a headboard

It looks stunning and is so simple to add a sophisticated touch to a plain headboard, as can be seen in this project by The Weekend Homemaker. She used a nailhead kit to surround her new headboard with chrome upholstery pins. If you have any difficulty sourcing luxury upholstery pins [nailheads] to match your project, consider buying online by searching for your local supplier - it's actually cheaper than you think and delivery is quick.

Heidi from Budget Wise Home took a piece of plywood and transformed it into a double headboard with bronze nailhead trim.

So easy:
Have the plywood and a piece of foam cut to the required size. Use spray adhesive on the front of the headboard and back of the foam to hold in place as you cover with fabric and staple to the back.

Use a rubber mallet or small hammer to fit the nailheads, upholstery pins or nailhead kit around the edge of the headboard.

As simple as that !





Dress up a chair

I love the transformation that takes place just by adding nailhead trim with upholstery pins around the edge of this chair. Adding nailhead trim really does bring a high-end look to an ordinary upholstered chair - and it hardly costs anything extra to do it !.

Choose the style of nailhead or trim to complement chair design and fabric. Start by attaching the first nailhead or trim kit at start of line to be covered with trim. Hammer the first nailhead into frame. Continue placing nailheads or trim along line, positioning nails at an equal distance from one another.

Dress up a dining chair

Here's a quick and easy - and very affordable - way to add unique styling to dining chairs.

Dress up any furniture

Feeling a little creative? Got a craving to vent your frustrations? Grab a hammer and some nailhead pins and start designing a unique ottoman for your home.