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Entertainment deck and beach bar constructed of reclaimed pallets

We have seen reclaimed pallets used for all types of projects from outdoor patio furniture to children's beds. Japanese designer David Guarino used reclaimed pallets to construct an entertainment deck and beach bar at Morito Beach in Japan.


The entertainment deck and beach bar sits on an ocean front lot and offers a panoramic view of the waterfront. The beach bar is open throughout the day and in the evening - in good weather. The  space also includes a selection of stores and shower facility.

Local artisans used reclaimed shipping pallets, OSB board, as well as indigenous timber for the entire construction.

An assortment of furniture is arranged on the deck, all of which is constructed using reclaimed shipping pallets. Comfortable benches topped with upholstered cushions and glass-topped coffee tables provide seating for visitors and guests.





Cotton panels are fitted onto the back of the entertainment deck and can be easily installed over the frame structure to provide shade.

Downlight and spotlights provide lighting during the evenings.

The beach bar is housed in the main structure and is constructed using OSB board with an outer facing of reclaimed pallet ledges that serve as planter boxes and are  filled with indigenous flora. Not only adding interest to the main bar, the plants help to soften the edges and introduce colour and texture.