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Sensual Curves On Trend for 2019

On trend for 2019, sensual curves for upholstered furniture and decor accessories mean that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style.


We know that a change is as good as a holiday, and that is definitely true when it comes to your home interior. So easily, a room can feel boring and dated, and something as simple as moving furniture around, or painting walls a different colour, or even adding a few colourful cushions, will instantly refresh a room.

One trend that is on the cards to make an impact in 2019/2020 is the resurgence in popularity of curved furniture. Think tub chairs and curvy armchairs, or a sofa with unexpected curves. These artful shapes embrace contemporist and minimalist design and let pieces shine as the main feature in any room.





Sensual curves are trending all over and you can see them popping up in designer homes around the world. Undeniably different and evoking a sense of relaxed style, curvy furniture instantly makes us feel comfortable. And that's what makes curvy furniture so attractive, the sensuous curves lend a unique look to any setting and well-rounded elegance to any room.

inside out

Think back a bit, back to when Arne Jacobsen's Swan Chair was touted as a masterpiece in design and Eero Saarinen's Tulip Chair was way ahead of its time. Still today the Swan Chair and Tulip Chair are treasured reproduction pieces. Now you incorporate a sense of 50s design with today's modern take on curves for a look that is on trend and visually beautiful.

house and home

Forget about squares, rectangles and sharp edges, in 2019/2020 it's about sensual curves wrapped in luxurious fabrics or shaped in wood. This year we will start to see more rounded shapes and curvy silhouettes taking over furniture design that's not quite feminine but oh so definitely trendy.

Of course, not every interior space is designed to accommodate curvy shapes, but a home should have a few sensual curves to round off the perfectly decorated home. It's easy to incorporate a circular dining table or comfortable curved chairs and you can never have too many curves in a square home!

west elm



Furniture with upholstered curves can really work well to soften a home and larger pieces are almost works of art that capture the attention in a room. Even a single curved sofa will attract all the attention when mixed with more traditional straight lines and sharp corners.

GOOD TO KNOW: When incorporating a curved piece into a room take into consideration that these pieces do require a little more floor space. So measure up and plan where the piece will fit right in.


If you like the idea of adding more curves to your living spaces, it's not that difficult to do. The reemergence of this style can be introduced easily by combining straight lines and curves, like the upholstered and tufted loveseat or 2-seater sofa (above), or a curvy wingback chair (below). You will find more curvy accessories and accent pieces in stores soon, so be on the lookout for ways to add a touch of softness to your home with a curvy silhouette that is timeless and elegant. 




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