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Living Small with Style

Small living has become a way of life, with townhouse and apartments using clever design to maximise on floor space. This modern apartment defines the art of living small.


Completely gutted and renovated, this beautiful apartment was redesigned with new finishes, a new kitchen and bathrooms, and modern fittings and fixtures throughout.

The interior designer, Gaile Guevara, while not a fan of bold contrast, created a visually seamless continuation through the living spaces with a minimal colour palette and splashes of sunny yellow. Painting the rooms a single colour on all vertical surfaces created rooms that appear clutter-free and spacious.

Motorized blinds in all rooms maximise the amount of natural light into the apartment and allow for full, unobstructed views.

Built-in cupboards and cabinets ensures a comfortable flow through the kitchen and cuts back on wasted - and valuable - floor space. The older appliances were replaced with compact, energy efficient models.





The original carpet was replaced with wide plank floors of engineered hardwood that flow from one room to another.

The panelled wall in the main bedroom offers up beautiful texture and is an eye-catching feature in the otherwise minimalist room.



An enclosed balcony offers a restful place the sit and relax. Modern furniture and fittings tie in with the scheme used in the adjoining living spaces.