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Old Barn is converted into a Rustic Dream Home

This converted barn is filled with vintage treasures and salvaged finds and more than a few DIY projects helped turn the barn into a rustic dream home.


This young couple spent six months searching for their perfect home and found an old barn that was up for sale. The location was everything they wanted, being situated out in the country and with amazing views. While it was a sad old barn, they saw the potential to turn the building into a rustic home for their family.

Both initially feared that they might have taken on too much, the barn being added on to from as far back as the 18th century. Luckily both had a bit of experience, both with DIY and home renovation, and knowing they had the basics they decided to tackle the project head-on.





The barn has a cottage addition, as well as a row of dilapidated garages, that could all be used to create the layout they wanted for their dream home in the country. First on the list was to restore the cottage so that they would have somewhere to live while the renovations were taking place.

The interiors were completely plastered but some of the original wood was kept to add slatted walls. These reclaimed timber features retain the original history of the structures and using them as slatted dividers and for cladding walls enhanced the original atmosphere of the barn.

The original ceilings were finished with more reclaimed wood detail, particularly old timber pallets that were left raw and natural. This introduces different tones that add an interesting detail to all the wood elements.

For the first couple of years the couple spent most of their time on renovating the barn structure. Particular attention was given to ensuring that the barn was watertight and weatherproof. Needing to move out of the cottage as soon as possible, the kitchen and bathroom was installed, while contractors removed and replaced the roof on the garages. Contractors also installed the added mezzanine level that leads up to the upstairs bedrooms.



Once the converted barn was almost complete, it was time to go on the hunt for salvaged materials and vintage finishing touches. Working on a tight budget, the couple wanted to make their funds stretch as far as possible and tried to source as much of the fittings and appliances for as little cost as possible.

The total renovation took two years to complete and since the couple both had full-time jobs, most of the work was done after hours and on weekends.

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