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Unusual Architecture around the World

From using 747 aircraft wings to an underground home, we feature some unique and unusual homes around the world.


Charles Deaton Sleeper House

Charles Deaton designed the Sculptured House way back in 1963 and it was originally intended to serve as his own residence. The house is located 35 km from Denver near Golden, Colorado. Due to the fact that Deaton ran out of money before the project was completed, the residence was left unoccupied for many years, and it was only when Woody Allen used the setting for his science fiction film Sleeper; that the peculiar design was given a revival.



Going forward in time to 1999, a Denver developer purchased the home and reached out to those close to the original project to participate in the renovation. The curved shapes of Deaton's furniture meld with the circular design of the house to provide a sculptural element that ties in with the outlook of the property.





Mark & Valerie Sigler Dome House

This home is proof that domes can be built beautifully, says Valerie Sigler. Having built this dome house, both Mark and Valerie feel privileged to provide people who are curious about domes or those contemplating building a dome a chance to live in one first. After completion this dome house will be available to rent on a weekly basis, allowing people to actually live in a dome before building one.



After spending so much time on the design and development, the Ziglers invested a lot of time and energy researching the technology to construct the dome house and it is their hope that opening the property to visitors will increase awareness of the dome’s advantages.

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After severe damage to their own home by Hurricanes Erin and Opal, Mark began researching building techniques that would alleviate such extensive devastation. What he discovered was the Monolithic Dome - a structure that can withstand 300+ mph winds, storm surges, termites, rising energy costs, fires, and even earthquakes. Airformed concrete domes are almost indestructible and Mark and Valerie realised that this type of structure would be a true sanctuary - even after a hurricane. 

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Zaha Hadid house for Naomi Campbell

Tucked away in a Russian forest and surrounded by trees up to 20 meters tall, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin and his girlfriend Naomi Campbell, has commissioned Zaha Hadid to design their home. The unique design appears almost like an image from Star Trek, as the building materialises from its location to rise into the sky.

Three spacious levels all have floor-to-ceiling angled glass facades facing into the surrounding trees. Wide roofs with stepped edges overhang the glass walls.

The lowest level in this property houses the leisure facilities, while the living area consisting of lounge, living room and kitchen are set alongside a variety of outdoor entertaining spaces and a swimming pool.



Split into different levels, the lower level encompasses leisure and relaxation. On the ground floor are the main living areas. The concrete columns supporting the structure establish a strong dialogue between both levels whilst also functioning as the primary structural elements of the villa. Vertical shafts contain all the required mechanical elements and services connecting to the upper level.

The Reservoir house

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What was previously a reservoir has now been transformed into a fabulous home. Hidden from view, the Reservoir house is filled with unique features, including a vast light-filled atrium. This unique property has plenty of living spaces including, living room and family room, study and kitchen/dining room - all set around the central courtyard with a covered seating area - hidden from view unless you know where it is located.

The old Woolbrook Reservoir is sunk below the level of the surrounding and all the rooms within this property have double-height ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass walls.


The water company that owned this property had not used it for five years and were selling it with planning permission to modify the structure into a five-bedroom property. To begin construction it was necessary to lower welders into the drum to install the steel girders that would become the skeleton of the house.

The new owners fitted a functional drainage system to disperse rainwater and installed artificial lawn on the roof to make the house almost indistinguishable from the surrounding countryside.

Langtry House

This subterranean home is situated in a posh suburbs in London and has three bedroom and bathrooms, cinema and a garden but is just under two and a half metres above ground.

Apart from its living spaces this unique home also has a cinema, wine cellar and a garden. Due to its location, planning permission was given under the condition that the new home wasn't allowed to be any higher than any of the surrounding buildings, which meant that the architects had to design and build underground. 


747 Wing House

The acclaimed 747 Wing House has been highly publicised because of its unique design and its use of recycled materials. The main feature on this home involved the transportation of aircraft wings to the building site, repurposing of abandoned aircraft to achieve an architectural work of significance.

The 747 Wing House actually comprises two separate buildings linked together on three levels and uses two aircraft wings and two horizontal stabilizers from a Boeing 747-100. The lower section is partially open air topped with the left 747 wing. The upper structure creates the main house and uses the right wing as the main roof and two horizontal stabilizers.




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