Living that's natural and relaxed

Vera Iachia designs homes in Portugal that not only reflect a more relaxed lifestyle, but also incorporate the use of natural materials and contemporary style that's fresh and extraordinary.

Vera Iachia was born in Portugal and graduated in Graphic Design in New York. This collection of holiday homes is a graphic example of how natural materials and contemporary style complement each other to create interiors that are comfortable and relaxed and designed for living.

Set on Portugal's west coat, living is relaxed and unhurried. Comporta might be only an hour's drive from Lisbon, but this region is an idyllic summer haven. This is where Vera Iachia has weaved her magic spell and designed holiday homes that evoke a sense of peace with the use of neutral colour palettes and natural materials.

In all the holiday homes organic materials are not only used to define living spaces but are also used as building materials. Indigenous timber can be seen as a roofing material, to divide room, to create feature walls, and as essential furniture pieces for rooms.  






Each home has been designed to use natural and organic materials as part and parcel of the construction process. Brick and plaster fittings can be found in every room; the kitchen has brick and plaster 'cabinets' with concrete slab countertops, living rooms have brick and plaster bases, and in the bathroom even bathroom vanities are built using brick and plaster.


The use of natural materials continues outdoors, where local timber provides dappled shade on decks and patios. The temperate climate in this region - as in South Africa - allows for plenty of time spent outdoors taking in the beauty of the surrounding fauna and flora while soaking up the sun and taking advantage of cool sea breezes.



You will find a variety of natural materials throughout the homes; seashells crafted into delicate wall hangings, wicker and wood as furniture and furniture upholstered in natural cotton. 










Local timber is used wherever possible. Raw timber cabinetry and flooring, and large hewn stumps are not wasted but turned into essential pieces.