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Essential Scandinavian Style by Kim Van Rossenberg

Interior Stylist Kim Van Rossenberg fills her interiors with light, natural materials and just a hint of subtle colour to create homes that are the ultimate in living pleasure.


Scandinavian homes are renowned for the warm, almost minimalist approach to 'things' and attention to detail with organic materials. Their homes reflect a passion for items that are filled with natural materials, subtle colour pallets and most of all, comfort. You will see home design around the globe that replicates a passion that is built around living pleasure rather than a museum towards ever-changing trends.




One might look at her room styling as being lacking in colour, while others may compliment her on her use of wood to inject warmth into all her room designs. After all, it's not always about colour, but more about the feeling a room invokes; a room that is practical in its layout, not overflowing with furniture, and the use of items to make a room feel comfortable and loved.







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Want to replicate the Scandinavian look in your own home? Be on the lookout for solid wood furniture with a natural finish. Reclaimed wood is even better, as is the case with the reclaimed pine TV stand with drawers for storage. Buy at

Kim loves to use concrete, wood and organic textiles in her interiors, as well as being able to make something with recycled materials and secondhand finds. She feels that this is much more fun than buying ready-made items, plus the fact that she can breathe new life into pieces that have been otherwise discarded.

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Treat your dining room or patio to a relaxed dining experience with comfortable chairs in organic materials that will enhance the space.  Shop for materials such as cane, wicker or rattan to add comfort to your dining area with a modern twist. Buy at

Kim and her partner live in what was once a library in Nijkerk, a city in the Netherlands. In her home, she has managed to preserve some of the authentic details of the former library and her own home interior has a clean, but cool Scandinavian feel. Kim loves to combine white with black and grey and this mood is reflected throughout the house.




If your style lends more towards comfort rather than high style, it's far easier to achieve this with the right dining chairs. Cane, wicker and wood are great examples of materials for comfortable seating options that complement not only Scandinavian style but almost any other style of decor. Mix it up with a modern or contemporary dining table.

Indoors or outdoors, Scandinavian style is all about relaxed living and comfortable spaces. You can apply Scandinavian decor to any room in the home just as easily as you can do with your outdoor spaces. For Kim Van Rossenberg, outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor, so that you have a wonderful flow between these two areas.



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