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Diamond Baratta - a dynamic design duo

Over the past three decades, William Diamond and Anthony Baratta - Diamond Baratta Design - have designed hundreds of one-of-a-kind residences in the United States and abroad. They have established a reputation for fastidious architecture and luxurious furnishings that harmonize to create homes that are highly personal, functional and original.

Diamond Baratta Design, the New York firm known for its chic, knowledgeable, sometimes irreverent decorating and its bold use of colour, is also famous for putting a contemporary spin on traditional crafts like cabinetmaking, quilting, rug braiding, and upholstery. William Diamond and Anthony Baratta, the firm’s principals, have built lasting relationships with established artisans, and they’re always on the lookout for talented newcomers, but they challenge all their collaborators to push their work in new directions. Click on this link for information on Palm Beach Premier Remodeling.

"All the design rules we had 20 years ago are important; it's like learning the classics. But those design rules, basically, all have to get thrown in the garbage or you're not growing. You keep them, and you have to integrate them, but you have to expand, too. You have to keep reinventing."

"Decorate by being true to yourself. Stay away from being trendy. If you do trendy, in two years you're going to hate it if you're doing it because you think it's what you should be doing. But if you're doing it because it's who you are, what you really love, you're going to love it forever."

Diamond Baratta have a diverse portfolio that showcases their flexibility and versatility. They're as adept at renovating antique houses as conceiving and overseeing new construction. They can do traditional interiors with a twist, reinterpreting English, French and classic American interiors for contemporary life.

The longtime business partners been recognized not only as tastemakers but also as trendsetters in the design field. Their innovative use of colour and pattern has led to collaborations with prestigious manufacturers, so that many of their designs can be now used by other decorators and designers. Their fabrics - ranging from innovative graphic patterns to reinterpretations of woven classic - are produced by the esteemed Lee Jofa company. Their inimitable rugs, carpets and wallpapers are available from Stark Carpets.





Known for their use of kaleidoscopic colour, over-the-top motifs and oversized patterns, Diamond Baratta are the Siegfried and Roy of interior design. It may not be to everyone's taste, but you have to admit it's bold.

For decades, design duo Diamond & Baratta has used enlarged scale and innovative colour interpretation to create a signature style that combines architecture and interior design in a thoroughly modern, and often surprising way.

Showcasing their love of design, Diamond Baratta have completed classic and traditional rooms that feature more demure patterns and colours. However, the designs that really showcase their personality utilise the bright, vibrant colours and exciting patterns that they are known for.

This due have created more than a few unforgettable rooms and along the way have transported twentieth century Modernism into the twenty first century, but with a twist. Now it's more stylish, sumptuous and trendy

Backgrounds in art: Diamond (painting) and Baratta (art history) allows this due to make frequent use of paintings and sculptures as inspirations for their designs - channeling their talents on a wide scale of projects from a beach house dining room, to a traditional living room, to the interior of an airplane, and are well-respected in the design world.

Their diversity across all design styles allows Diamond Baratta to work on projects ranging from French, English, and American styles. Many projects feature the Diamond Baratta dynamic of enlarged scale and genius colour interpretation. However, their custom approach to each project ensures a unique approach and flavour, as determined by the needs of the individual client.

For those who consider couture design an investment, Diamond Baratta have established an extensive collaboration of crafts people that they work with to weave their magic: furniture makers, embroiderers, muralists, glass artisans, quilters and rug weavers. No matter what the style or scale of the project, Diamond Baratta create memorable rooms that are perfectly suited to a client's lifestyle.