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Fixer-upper to fabulous

With its acid-green walls and dated wood panelling, this fixer-upper was renovated to restore old charm and then filled with modern furnishings.


When renovating an older property, it is important to see past the cosmetic details and arm yourself with a vision of what could be achieved. Decorated with acid-green walls, dated wood panelling and commercial ceiling tiles, it took dedicated and a solid plan to flip this old house.





A new floor plan for the kitchen involved moving the range to the centre of the room and placing the sink and refrigerator along one wall. With the money saved on Shaker-style cabinets hand-painted black, there was money to splurge on modern kitchen appliances and fixtures.

In the bedrooms, wood panelling and mottled carpets defined the rooms. Removing the wood panels to reveal the walls, fresh paint and wood floors brightened the rooms.

In the absence of a bathroom on the upper level, a spare room was transformed into the new master bedroom.

In the master bathroom, a claw-foot bathtub, traditional-style furnishings and marble countertops exude classic style, while a wall-mounted towel warmer adds some modern luxury.

Photos A.Jennison Interiors