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Alternative Christmas with Jubiltree

The Jubiltree is a modern and environmentally conscious alternative to the fake Christmas tree and one that you can make on your own.

Founded by Sarah Monkton, Jubiltree is an eco-friendly and modern alternative to the traditional fake Christmas tree. "For years we went without a Christmas tree. Living in Alaska, live evergreens tend to be a little scraggly. And buying a commercial tree that would be relegated to the trash a couple of weeks later seemed like a lot of resources going to waste. And the messy pine needles drive us crazy," said Sarah.

"An artificial tree didn’t seem right, either. A lot of chemicals are used to make artificial trees, and they take a really, really long time to biodegrade. Plus, we weren't sure a plastic tree would look right in our home."


A week before Christmas Sarah asked her husband to put his DIY genius to work and come up with an alternative. He came home on Christmas Eve with a bundle of wood and string that soon took the form of the first Jubiltree Wooden Tree.

Friends and family loved the design and imagined how they would decorate their own tree, and from this came the introduction of today's design for the Jubiltree.