Create A Long-Lasting Arrangement Using Succulents

Here's how to create a long-lasting arrangement for the home using succulents.






Succulents have become increasingly popular over the last few years as more people realise how these little beauties can easily be used for arrangements inside the home. Not only can succulents be used in the garden as water wise plants that are ideal for pots and containers as well as flower beds, but they are also a wonderful way to bring colour and interest into any room in a home simply by creating an arrangement. They do not need much care other than a splash of sunshine during the day and prefer not to be watered too regularly making succulents the perfect low-maintenance plant for indoors. Placed close to a window or in an area that receives sunlight during the day, your succulent arrangement will thrive.





Select the perfect container for your succulent arrangement and then follow these easy steps for adding an interesting display for any room in your home.



What are succulents?

Succulents are a variety of plants that have adapted to thrive in arid conditions where there is a shortage of water. These plants store water in their stems and leaves and that is why they have such thick leaves and stems. Pick off a leaf and you will find that it is like a sponge inside where all the water is stored. Succulents are the perfect plants for our hot summers as they love sunshine and can withstand the lack of rain. When there is no rain, these plants have plenty of moisture stored inside them to withstand dry periods.







How to make a succulent arrangement

The first step in creating a succulent arrangement is to select the best pot or container for this but before you do, go online to have an idea of what succulents you want in the arrangement so that you purchase a pot that is the right size and shape. There are plenty of options here from plastic, ceramic, wood or concrete pots and containers. Select a pot that complements the style of your home.



If you are not using succulents that you already have planted in your garden take a visit to the closest nursery or garden centre to check out the selection of succulents that they have on offer. Knowing what pot or container you want will make the decision easier as to the type and quantity of plants needed.




Suitable container or pot

Selection of succulents

Florist's foam

Garden shears or secateurs






Step 1 - Insert florist's foam

Using florist's foam makes it simple to arrange the succulents and firmly hold them in place. Cut the florist's foam into the container and squeeze in smaller pieces to fill the gaps.






Select plants for their shape and colour for an interesting display, preferably ones that you can easily work with and that will fit into the foam.



Step 2 - Trim to fit

Trim the stems to a length that allows them to be inserted into the foam but provides the right amount of height for the completed arrangement. If you are not sure where to insert the plants in the beginning, you can always move them around later on until you feel the arrangement is exactly what you want.














Step 3 - Arranging the succulents

When it comes to an arrangement, whether flowers or succulents, you want a display that offers something interesting. Working with the plants you have, arrange these in the foam according to their height and size. Keep in mind that you want the florist's foam to be hidden by the plants.










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