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Energize a Plain White Wall

A plain white wall is a perfect canvas for giving your imagination a surface to be creative with art or photographs.



Plain blank, white walls provide the perfect blank canvas for your imagination and creativity, letting you use the space to add some interesting artwork or to create a wall gallery. If you have a blank space in your home, sometimes all that is needed is a bit of inspiration to get you started, so we collected a selection of possibilities to transform that blank wall and bring it to life.

Blank walls are pretty much one-dimensional, but there are so many ways that you can utilise the space to bring energy into a room, add depth, or to introduce your unique personality. It's much more than just hanging a piece of art on the wall, especially when there are so many other options to consider.

Not Just Art

The first thing that pops to mind when thinking about how to fill a blank wall is art, and while art can be used to add interest, colour and pattern, there are still plenty of other ways that add different elements to the wall. Mirrors are a great way to turn walls into an interesting feature and mirrors are also ideal if you want to bounce light around the room or make a room feel visually larger than it is by creating depth.






We're not just talking about a large mirror that hogs all the space on the wall, more a selection of mirrors of different styles and shapes; mirrors with bevelled edges, or vintage effect. These look particularly stunning when group together to create a wall gallery of mirrors.

GOOD TO KNOW: When hanging mirrors, make sure the mirror faces toward what you would like to reflect - or so that it catches the light to bounce around the room.



Add a Focal Point

Sometimes a blank wall just needs a little dressing up to make it an eye-catching feature or focal point in a room. Think accent furniture or something as simple as a console table styled with accessories that complement the decor style in the room or space. Not only will a practical and attractive piece of furniture enhance the wall space, it will also be a useful addition.

If you fancy the idea of putting together a collection of art, posters or photographs to create a wall gallery you will find plenty of tips and tricks in our Decor | Art section to help you with the layout and hanging. One point that we don't cover and will be doing a project on in the future is hanging gallery lights to illuminate your wall gallery. It's great to look at during the day but you also want to see it in the evenings as well.

Don't let your walls be flat but rather feature a collection of artworks or photographs in groupings. Have a minimum of 3 or 5 groups in the centre and add more onto the sides as your collection increases.



Bring Texture to a Plain Wall

Blank walls are a wonderful place to hang so many different types of materials if you want to add interest with colour, texture or pattern. Use walls to showcase your hobby, such as macramé and tapestry or frame and hang a piece of your favourite printed fabric. These not only fill the space but add character and personality.

We are all looking for ways to bring nature indoors and creating a green living wall is one way to have some nature to view. Opt for plants that only require low-light levels and infrequent watering.

House plants and indoor plants bring a natural dimension to any space and help soften sterile colours and sharp edges. You can build shelves for a blank wall and fill these with assorted indoor plants. And for those who don't have a green thumb when it comes to looking after plants, there's always the fake option which is ideal for a family with busy lives and no time to spare. Just remember to give them a good clean now and again.

Baskets and natural wall hangings add a unique textural element to any wall. Showcase a collection of baskets or mats and let these immediately draw the eye to a focal point in the room.

Incorporate an Architectural Feature

If you have a living space that lacks any form of architectural detail, a great way to add detail is with a faux fireplace.

Not only does a faux fireplace instantly bring detail and interest to a plain wall and it also establishes a wonderful feature that you can decorate as you will. Use the space above the fireplace to hang a mirror or piece of art, or even a macramé design and fill the fireplace mantel with your favourite decor accessories or seasonal ornaments. For even more depth, use textured or patterned wallpapers to enhance the fireplace and create a more authentic look.



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