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Why Casters Are Important For Your Home

A good set of casters installed on that chair would save you from unnecessary labor and reduce the wear on your floor.


You look under your favorite easy chair and see a collection of dust bunnies that just asks for cleaning. You have no choice but to move that chair and you wince at the sound of it dragging on the floor, scratching away the finish. A good set of casters installed on that chair would save you from unnecessary labor and reduce the wear on your floor.

Casters Can Save Your Floors

Whether its carpet, hardwood, or tile, dragging heavy furniture across the floor can do some damage, leaving you with unsightly scratches or expensive repairs. When you install casters on your furniture, you can save the floor from wear and tear. Keep in mind that even casters can wear away the finish of a hardwood floor over time. If you are using an office chair that will move frequently, you may want to have a protective mat underneath it.

Casters Make Your Home Safer

Pushing heavy furniture can lead to strained muscles, especially if you have had back problems in the past. Using quality Colson casters makes moving heavy objects easier, allowing you to rearrange or clean under furniture easily. Casters for appliances are also helpful. It is much easier to move the refrigerator when it easily wheels forward on specially designed casters.





Change Your Rooms for Special Events

Sometimes you want to change things up in your home. Maybe you want to create some more open space for a cocktail party. Maybe you want to move furniture closer for a movie night. Furniture on casters makes this process much quicker. Unlock the wheels. Move the furniture. Lock the wheels again, and you are done; ready for the next step of your party planning.

Casters Can Add Style

There are a large variety of casters on the market today for different needs. They come in plastic, metal, and colored rubber and in many different sizes. You can add a bit of style by using industrial style casters on a piece of furniture designed for the living room. Red rubber wheels can add a splash of color to a standard desk chair.

Casters Provide Solutions

There are all sorts of do-it-yourself solutions to household issues that can be solved by casters. When it is time to clean up from your party, wheel out your trash bin or recycling bin and roll it from room to room. If you are collecting the family’s laundry, wheel a hamper from room to room, lifting only when necessary.

Casters are also helpful at creating storage solutions and keeping things organized. We often leave the items we use every day on the bathroom sink, knowing that we will just need to take them out again tomorrow. It leads to a cluttered space. A wheeled bin on casters can be pulled out in the morning for easy access and then wheeled back to its hiding place. This can help make your bathroom feel larger and calmer.

Thousands of years ago, the wheel was invented as a way to save time and energy. It is simply easier to push something on wheels than it is to carry it around. Casters use that same idea to make homes safer, cleaner, and easier to maintain.



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