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Clever ways to add cement decor to a home

Known for its durability and longevity, concrete has become a popular choice for home decor in so many ways.


It wasn't too long ago that concrete was only considered for pouring slabs and foundations, but that has all changed over the past few years and more concrete is being featured in homes around the globe.

You only have to pop onto Pinterest and Instagram to see the growing trend for concrete decor and cementitious wall coatings. Concrete is now used for flooring, countertops and shelves, to name but a few uses.

In the home you can choose from polished concrete that is characterised by its sheen finish, or sealed concrete for more of a matte look. Both look stunning in the home and designers and architects are able to offer a myriad of custom options for those wanting to bring concrete indoors.

Take a look at the stunning home shown here, owned by Peruvian photographer, Xavier Saer. His Northcliff bachelor penthouse is designed to meet his lock-up-and-go lifestyle - decorated with concrete and cementitious finishes provided by Cemcrete.

His philosophy to decorating a home is to start with a blank canvas. He believes a home should be beautiful without anything in it, and then you slowly start adding furniture and accessories to complement the space. His penthouse features concrete floors and matching walls as the canvas for his beautiful pieces, some of which are antiques dating hundreds of years back.





Walls throughout the penthouse are finished in Cretecote, white to brighten up the space for both summer and winter living. Xavier finds this colour perfectly highlights his dark, antique furniture. One advantage of cementitious wall coatings is that they add texture, and when you're working with a blank canvas, every artist knows that you build up layers of texture.

Concrete is the ideal material for modern and contemporary bathrooms. Concrete can be used for bathroom fittings and countertops, and its light colour gives any room a soft, neutral palette. And for a show-stopping bathroom, cement-based wall finishes add the final touch.