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Furniture design that is fresh and innovative

Spanish designer Beanhome creates furniture that is fresh and innovative and that combines textures and materials.

Beanhome offer a range of highly versatile furniture that appeals to the homeowner looking for pieces that are practical and timeless, with simple lines and use of modern materials. What's nice about all these pieces, which are not available locally, is that the DIY enthusiast can easily replicate the design to create unique furniture for a home - international design without the high price tag!

The flip desk is a piece of furniture that easily becomes what you want it to be: it's a sofa, it's a desk, or it's a pullout bed on wheels. Now this is definitely a dual-purpose piece for the home office / guest bedroom.

The frame for the flip range is made using MDF with birch veneer. The piece is sealed with a water-based finish to enhance the natural look. Water-based paints finish off the desk top or wooden bed base.

Find links here for timber and board suppliers throughout South Africa, or do an online search for specific products, and stock up on your choice of material to make your own versatile furniture.





The twins range can be used as a chair, a table, a stool or a bench. Turn it around, flip it over and use these pieces as you need them.

The veneered MDF is finished with a water-based sealer while the seat, side or top is sprayed in a variety of high-gloss colours.

The design features a convenient opening that can be used to allow for power cords when used as a desk, or for craft supplies.

Flip it, turn it and use it in different ways to meet your personal needs.

The hom bed offers spacesaving design for children's bedrooms. With its rounded corners and integrated ladder the hom bunk has an attractive design that will awaken the imagination of children.

The veneered MDF design offers two beds with a pullout drawer or bed for sleepovers. Guard rails can be fitted to the top bunk for added safety.