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Shaggy chic!

Believe me, if you’d have told me a week ago I’d be making pillows out of bath mats and accent rugs, I’d have laughed uncontrollably, then buried my head in shame and embarrassment under a real pillow for days! But sometimes, inspiration comes from the strangest sources ...


Strolling through your local home decor store you will come across various 'fluffy' offerings for cushions - most of them with a fluffy price tag! Walk around a bit more and you'll discover the softest acrylic faux fur accent rugs and mats. 

I thought to myself, "Dang, these amazingly soft faux fur rugs would make really great cushions!" A few slow spins around the sewing machine and a R25 stuffing were the only tricks to making these faux fur cushions.  I was able to use my sewing machine because the backside was not rubber, but rather a soft thin suede-like backing.

I might need to buy another accent rug, but I’m a little afraid. I think it’s important when accessorising with faux fur to exercise extreme discretion, lest your space end up looking it has been decorated by a pimp. If you want to add some texture to a room, shop around for luxurious bathmats that you can sew up into shaggy pile decor - the shaggier and fluffier the better!





via centsational girl