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Carpet is the Ultimate Luxury for a Home

I am in the process of re-taking the space used for DIY-Divas back as my lounge, after 15 years of living without it, and asking myself the question, "Should I carpet or not?"




After giving up my lounge for 15 years to host the DIY-Divas workshops at home, it is time to re-take the space back to have as my living room. The carpet, installed by Belgotex, that has been in the room for 20 years, believe it or not, still looks good when you consider what it has had to put up with over the years. This brings me to my choice of "Do I want an alternative flooring, or should I go with carpet?"



I must admit to being old fashioned in my thinking and for me, nothing will ever replace the humble carpet for luxury. It's not about the time I have to spend vacuuming the carpet or those odd occasions where I need to contract professional cleaners to give the carpets a good clean every year or so. It is more about having that luxurious surface underfoot; the soft touch that warms the soles of your feet; the flooring solution where you can lie down and stretch out without feeling uncomfortable. It could have something to do with my upbringing but for me, nothing is as luxurious as having a woven carpet on the floors.









Good news for anyone living in a rental property. Now you can take advantage of the unique service provided by Belgotex and have carpet cut to any size to fit any room - that is edged and unfitted. Simply select the carpet you like, choose a colour and pattern, and have the carpet delivered directly to your home.








Before you throw up your arms in consternation, think about this.


1. Comfort underfoot

There is no other flooring that is soft and comfortable, one that you can walk on in both summer and winter and still feel warmth underfoot. The material used for the carpet makes a big difference in touch and feel and I do believe it is worth it to fork out a little more for a weave that is soft and forgiving.


In a family home, carpets let children play on the floor without having to worry about them hurting themselves. A carpet acts as a cushion to prevent nasty falls and makes it an excellent choice in a family home. And if you are worried about stains, it might be in your favour to add stain-proofing to the carpet to make for easy cleaning. A deep steam cleaning is recommended on an annual basis to ensure that carpet fibres are lifted, and any dirt removed.



Belgotex offers a unique service where you can have your choice of Belgotex carpet cut to order. The perfect solution if you love the idea of a carpet but prefer not to have it fitted.



2. Insulates a room

Any textile, whether curtains, upholstered furniture, mats and rugs, and carpeting adds thermal resistance to the space. I know for a fact that the room that is becoming my lounge can get cold in winter and hot in summer, but the carpet has always made a substantial difference. I made a bad decision by replacing the carpet in my bedroom with tiles. Now I need to have rugs down, particularly in winter, to avoid cold feet when walking around the room.



Having carpet cut to order to fit a specific room gives you the freedom to choose the style and colour to complement your home.









3. Provides Soundproofing

Stand in a room that is tiled or has laminate flooring and you will immediately notice how voices sound louder and have a slight echo. It sounds the same in a bathroom lacking in any form of textiles and similarly in any other room in a home that is not carpeted. Add a carpet to that same room and sounds become softer and quieter, which is why bringing textiles into the home is a great way to block out the neighbours.



When you plan to use your living room for watching TV, listening to music, or entertaining family or friends, having a carpet creates a cosy atmosphere and serves as soundproofing.



4. Longevity and durability

No flooring material is everlasting, laminate floors are easily scratched or damaged by moisture and scuffed by daily traffic, tiles can be chipped or broken, so making the choice between these flooring options and carpeting is no different. Carpets might need a bit more maintenance when it comes to cleaning, but the right carpet can outlive some of the cheaper alternatives.



The bottom line

Is carpet recommended for those suffering from allergies? No. But today's vacuum cleaners are far more advanced in cleaning carpets, especially those that have a HEPA filter. Pet dander, dust and pollen is easily removed from a carpet that has a low pile and a regular going over with a vacuum cleaner will ensure that carpets are clean.






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