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DIY home makeover: Inspiration from 5 of Mzansi stars' luxurious mansions

In this article, we have a discussion about the stars and their homes as they have allowed us into them.




Photo By: Fransico De Legarreta


Lavish lifestyles, fancy cars, beautiful homes - things a lot of us aspire to. We are inspired by the wealthy, wanting a semblance of their opulence in our homes too. We buy pieces that closely emulate the pricier ones, hoping to create our version of luxury on what our pockets allow. Some people opt to go room by room in achieving this dream, others do up their new homes completely before moving in. The rest of us may splurge on an item or two over several months, but this remains - luxury and class are the goal.

Many stores offer competitively priced but luxurious items at an affordable price for those of us on a strict budget, and we may well get our version of the stars’ styles. The current Makro catalogue has amazing furniture pieces and all kinds of electronics for the kitchen especially. There are some sleek breakfast combos consisting of cordless kettles and toasters starting from R1499. We especially liked the unique design of the Russell Hobbs kettle. Now that would definitely fit in a celebrity’s kitchen too.

South Africa is a country where style and class are the order of the day for the wealthy, extending beyond their physical styles but into their homes too. Below we are going to have a discussion about the stars and their homes as they have allowed us into them.


1. Bonang Matheba

Media Personality, entreprenuer and businesswoman, ‘Queen B’ as she is affectionately known by her hordes of fans, boasts a beautiful home in the Waterfall Country Estate. She calls it her ‘piece of heaven’. Queen B is a known pink lover but this home is monochromatic, boasting pops of color in certain places.She went for a more industrial feel with concrete and steel tastefully incorporated into the overall aesthetic. It is a modern home, stylish and very much in tune with the current trend of having clean lines and warm colors to balance out the steel and concrete. A lot of natural elements were used as well, she has lovely plants and flowers decorating different parts of the house.


2. Dj Zinhle

As a Businesswoman, CEO, Mother and Dj, Zinhle Jiyane added to her repertoire by showcasing herself as a woman with a keen eye for interior design. Her homes are an extension of her personality; colorful, stylish and classy. Dj Zinhle has used modern,chic and classic items in her home, ensuring the pieces she uses are timeless classics. From faux fur to light fixtures, everything was well thought out and not a piece is out of place. What a stunner!


3. Maps Maponyane

MC, actor, model and businessman, Masego ‘Maps’ Maponyane is one of South Africa’s most eligible bachelors. With an exquisite sense of style, he extends this same tastefulness into his home in Johannesburg. He chose to accent his home with charcoal grey, touches of gold, unique light fixtures and art - all by local artists. Maps showed he has a sharp eye for detail and clean lines, and that a lot of thought went into what his home now is. He did some renovations in this space to make it bespoke and we like what he did with the place. It is not the biggest of homes but we added it to our list to showcase what one can do in all sizes of spaces.


4. Connie & Shona Ferguson

South African television royalty and power couple, the Fergusons, are living proof of what longevity is. They have created a beautiful home for them and their family, and from what we have seen, it is an absolute gem! The little they show on social media is enough to conclude that the thought process that went into decorating it was very deliberate and perfect for the feel they wanted. Right from the winding staircase to the spectacular piano at the bottom of the stairs, the whole place is well decorated and stunning.


5. Trevor Noah

One of South Africa’s greatest exports. Host of the Emmys, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, author and a stand up comedian, Trevor surely has his hands full! We imagine the choice of his home was specifically to ease the pressures of the many roles he plays. Before Corona locked down the world, he hosted his South African friends and we got to have a look at his home. It is modern, sleek, classy, with exquisite finishes. Trevor’s home is airy and has a lot of natural light, making it warm and very welcoming, much like the funnyman himself. We love it!

This is where we’ll wrap it up. Hopefully you’ve been inspired by our stars to make subtle changes in your home that are well within your budget. Invite us over for a look when it's done!




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