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Scandinavian style for 2015

Scandinavian design continues to feature in homes in 2015 as interior designers and home decorators draw inspiration from this understated, yet modern and elegant style. Characterised by clean lines and neutral colours, this style is perfect for our hot climate.

We've come to know Swedish style as modern-minimalist interiors with just a dash of retro style. The Danes are internationally recognised as global aficionado's when it comes to furniture design. Throw it all together and you see that Scandinavian style epitomises an environmentally friendly approach to decorating a home with furniture that endures and a look that is timeless.

When you look at homes decorated in Scandinavian style you will notice that carpets do not feature in these homes and that floors tie in with the minimalistic approach to decorating. Hardwood or laminate floors adorn apartments and flats and are either light woods or whitewashed. In newer homes there is a trend towards concrete floors as an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood floors.


Laminate floors are available in light or dark wood printed finishes, as well as faux whitewashed planks and rustic designs





It's easy to combine old and new furniture if you introduce pieces that are interesting and can be used to create a feature or focal point in a room. Whether you shop for antique pieces, vintage reproductions, or simply love to browse secondhand stores and pawn shops, you are sure to find unique furniture that can be easily restored or given a revamp. And you will find plenty of tips here on Home-Dzine to help you restore or revamp secondhand or vintage furniture.

Scandinavian style focuses on the minimal, with an abundance of light wood and basic, considered forms. The approach to construction is almost geometric in its simplicity, with furniture taking the form of perfect circles, cylinders and rectangles, often with the use of elemental materials, such as marble and metal to give a sense of depth. The palette is restrained and understated, focusing on neutrals and pastels, grounded by bold darker colour.

Despite the harsh climate during the winter months, Scandinavian countries love the outdoors and you will more often than not find that homes and apartments will have a patio or balcony - even the smallest apartments. Interior spaces are kept toasty and warm with 19th century fireplaces, or more modern, closed designs such as those manufactured by Morso.

With our hot, hot summers and chilly winters, decorating a home in Scandinavian style fits in perfectly with our lifestyles. Whether your personal preference is for contemporary or rustic, Scandinavian style allows you to bring together an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories to suit your own personal taste - with emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable.