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Organic touches in a home

Nothing adds more glamour or warmth than the use of natural materials in a home; the rich earth tones of natural stone, the endless possibilities for using concrete, or the glimmer or copper and stainless steel.


Todays engineered stone is not consigned only to floors, it can be used in many areas of the home including walls, bathroom vanities, tabletops and work surfaces. With numerous colours and finishes to choose from, you can choose a stone that enhances your home interior.





Natural stone has a timeless appeal and will never go out of fashion, and once sealed, is incredibly easy to maintain - making it a practical and stylish choice. Walls cladded in natural stone are both luxurious and hard wearing.

Concrete doesn't necessarily have to be cold, it all depends on how your decorate your interiors. Limited only by your imagination, the breadth of colours and textured finishes available in concrete today will amaze you. Mixing and matching colours and textures provides a spectrum of design possibilities.

Concrete texture can resemble smooth, high-polished granite or gutsy, exposed aggregates with a rugged feel. Other possibilities include tumbled cobblestone, brick, cultured limestone, slate, flagstone or river rock. Look around and you will begin to notice the selection of contemporary designs and creative finishes.

The manufactured option
Not all of us can afford the luxury of natural materials, and for this reason manufactured options are available that mimic the look, expanding your options without the cost and maintenance of natural materials.

  • Surinno solid surfacing provides the look of a natural stone slab. The colour of solid surfacing goes all the way through the material, so scratches are easily buffed out. While the price of solid surfacing is comparable to that of many natural stones, it is far easier to install.
  • Laminate manufacturers such as PG Bison are producing products that closely imitate the look of wood. They cost much less and are much easier to maintain.

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