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Why you should incorporate patterns

Small or large, busy or quiet, patterns are an essential element when decorating a home.


Patterns can be used as part of a decorating scheme to express personality and every room should incorporate pattern in one way or another. Textiles offer varied patterns in a myriad of hues and pattern size and you have unlimited choice of patterns to bring interest to a room scheme.

Shop for finished items, or fabrics that you can use to upholster made items, that will complement your decor plan, and let fabrics bring personality, colour, interest and texture to your home.

Who you are

Pattern says a lot about your personality and the way that you decorate your home represents who you are, so have fun with patterns in every room in your home!

Every room in your home should have at least an element that features pattern, and pattern is a great way to create a focal point. The most affordable way to bring some pattern into a room is with accessories. Cushions and pillows can add interest to a plain or neutral sofa without costing a fortune.

Be bold with pattern

It is possible to incorporate a variety of patterns in a room so don't be afraid to mix it up. In the bedroom below there are several different patterns that might be disparate but work well together. Pattern can also be used to switch things up from season to season, by swapping out warm patterns for winter with floral or light patterns for spring and summer.





Patterns are practical

For a family home, patterned fabrics help to camouflage stains making them ideal for seat cushions, rugs and drapes in a child's bedroom. Something to consider when you next do a decorating makeover.

You don't need to go overboard and fill a room with pattern. The room below features a bold, patterned rug that jumps off the floor and fills the space. The geometric coffee table and patterned cushion on the sofa ties in with the pattern of the rug and brings the look together.