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Ideas for Hidden Storage Under the Stairs

In a home that has a staircase, making use of the space underneath for hidden storage is an excellent way to have extra storage space for essentials.




When you have a staircase in your home, the space underneath the stairs, if not closed off, usually goes to waste and yet this is the ideal solution for using this space for additional storage for the home. You might actually be surprised at how valuable this additional storage space can be, especially if you are already struggling to find extra space in your home.









Create a Laundry Nook

If the stairs are in a location close to a bathroom or the kitchen, it is not that difficult to have extra plumbing done to turn the space under the stairs into a very convenient laundry nook - a much better idea than having a washing machine or tumble dryer located in the bathroom. Like this idea? Get in touch with a reputable plumber and electrician to find out how much it would cost to add plumbing services and electrical points. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much it would cost as opposed to adding on.



Most homes do not have the luxury of a separate room for laundry but here is a great place to find the extra space you need for one.


Pullout Storage Drawers

As I try to tell anyone that attends my DIY-Divas workshops, even though some projects might look difficult, the best way to view any project is to break it down into smaller components. Making storage shelves or pullout storage drawers to fit under the stairs is actually a very easy project to do and one that requires only basic skills and power tools.



To make it even easier for you, I have included a diagram below that shows just how easy it would be. All you need to make pullout storage similar to that shown above is a drawing program such as SketchUp Make 2007 (free download) and your measurements.


You can make the pullout storage drawers using 16mm SupaWood that is available at Builders stores countrywide and costs around R700 per sheet that is 2730mm x 1800mm in size - plenty of board product to make your understairs storage. What's nice about using SupaWood is that it is easily painted and gives a smooth finish, allowing you to blend the pullout storage into the rest of the room.





The pullout storage shown above has caster wheels underneath to make it easy to pullout the drawers. Do purchase wheels that only go forwards and backwards and not in all directions, as these will make it difficult to pull out and push back the storage drawers.







Hidden Closet for Clothes

Another great idea for using the space under a staircase is for a secret closet. You can use this for seasonal clothing that has nowhere else to go or perhaps for guest storage. You can even use the space to store your collection of shoes. If you have friends or family that you put up on a sleeper couch, this hidden closet provides the ideal solution for their clothes and accessories while they are staying over.


In South Africa, we don't have a room dedicated to storing outdoor items for those entering or leaving a house. Commonly known as a mudroom, in a family home this type of space can be indispensable for kids outdoor clothing and shoes, school bags and sports kits that usually end up dumped on the floor.



Extra Large Pantry

You can never have enough space for groceries, and underneath the stairs is an excellent way to create a pantry where you can be a 'prepper' in case of emergency to create a stockpile or just buy extra when goods are on sale. It's a great way to save money on groceries and the ideal place to store them if you have the area under the stairs empty.





Under the stairs is the perfect place to set up a pantry if you have limited space available in the kitchen.







Your Very Own Butler's Pantry

Do you suffer from champagne dreams on a lemonade budget? Here's how you can have your very own version of a butler's pantry - a built-in cupboard where you can store all your special dinner services, cutlery sets and decor for the dining room.



Having additional storage for everything dining and entertaining, the area under a staircase will give you plenty of room to play around with.



A Secret Playroom

What little girl wouldn't like her very old playroom, or a little boy a fort? You can easily fit this under the stairs and decorate it as you wish. Creating a play area will keep toys out of your living spaces and occupy your little one for hours on end.



Even if you don't want to go through the hassle of building a closed-off area as a playroom, there is still always the easier option of fitting the space with a curtain to hide the playroom.



Have a Wet Bar

This idea might not be hidden but it is definitely unexpected and the ideal use for the space under a staircase if you like to entertain on a regular basis. When you have nowhere else to set up a home bar, this small space provides the perfect opportunity to throw a party.





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