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The stable that became a dream home

For over 200 years, this structure served as storage and stable. Now it's a contemporary dream home.


High on a mountain, a structure that served as storage and stables for almost 200 years, is now a contemporary home. Not wanting to destroy the original character of the building, the architects and designers only made use of locally available materials, such as iroko timber and stone walls finished with white chalk.

Where possible, every effort was made to ensure that the modern home incorporated authentic detail and materials. The beautiful authentic ‘sabina beams’ were preserved, as were the original ancient stone walls in the kitchen and bathroom.


Understandably in poor condition after being unused for many years, architects Standard Studio, contracted to undertake the project could only restore part of the walls and roof. However, that didn't deter them in sourcing traditional architectural elements to complete the restoration.

Alcoves incorporated into the stone and plaster walls allow for display of personal collectibles and accessories. The natural - and partially original - wood ceiling insulates the home and adds true architectural character to this contemporary home.

Due to its remote location, electricity, water and sewage had to be added to modernise the property and make it work as a contemporary home. The water comes from a private well and electricity is supplied via solar panels - making this home completely independent of the power grid operation and thus, self-sustainable.





The kitchen is flooded with natural light via wide doors that open outdoors, as well as skylights. Lacquered birch plywood cabinets contrast with marble countertops.


The finished home is a beautiful, contemporary residence - a contrast between old and new, sleek and rustic, light and dark. With an incredible view from the mountain, a yoga platform above the house and many fruit trees and a vegetable garden, this is truly a piece of paradise. Here you really get into another world and you can relax and unwind.