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What is a mood board...?

Many home decorators have used a mood board when planning to decorate a room or home, but for those of you who don't know what a mood board is, this article will provide a bit more information and hopefully get you started on making your own mood board.


Originally, a mood board was a collection of images cut out from home decor magazines that caught your attention; items that you would like to have in a particular room or rooms, or to decorate a home.

Nowadays there are easier ways to create a mood board using online photo albums and websites such as pininterest. Creating an online mood board is particularly useful if you don't tend to buy many decorating magazines. It is also very practical because, unlike traditional mood boards, an online mood board can easily be updated and added to.

The idea behind the mood board was to aid in the selection for colours, textures, furniture and decor accessories for a room or home by helping you to determine a colour scheme or style.

How to create a mood board

If you want to make a traditional mood board, start collecting decorating ideas by cutting out images that catch your attention, collecting fabric and wallpaper samples, and selecting paint swatches of colours you would like in the room. On an A3-size piece of card or notebook, glue these images down. A sticky glue dot at the centre back of each image allows you to play and place images as you add them.

Walls and floors are the largest areas in any room, so start with these samples and build up on top. Try to lay out your images and samples in the general order of the room - position the carpet at the bottom, soft furnishing samples in the middle, and lighting near the top of the board. This will give you a much clearer idea than sticking samples randomly over the board.

Now start creating...!





Browse the Internet and you will find plenty of mood board examples that you can use for your own decor scheme, or to help put your own mood board together. Sort of like using room images in a magazine. There are even websites that allow you to select room settings and decorate a room online from a catalogue of international designers.