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What Your Living Room Décor Says About You

Think about your living room’s components - type or color of paint, flooring type, shape and number of your throw pillows, they quietly say something about your personality.


Your outfit can indeed have such a magical effect on the ambiance you carry around in a day even after you have it off your body. More importantly, your dress sense and style tells a lot about you. However, your living room brings to light a more reflection of the kind of person you are, it is somewhat consistent and can almost always be depended on to subtly evaluate your personality. It has also been established through experts and researches that the style and the design of the interior part of your home reveals a lot about you.

Think about all your living room’s components including the type or color of paint, flooring type, shape and number of your throw pillows, they quietly say something in detail about your personality. It is also true that your choices of style and décor, wherever you implement them.

Some people prefer a plain floor system, some preferred the interlocking style, and some prefer the hard flooring type and would choose that over having a carpet or rug in their living room.

We have highlighted a couple of décor tips for your living room and find out what each of them says about your personality.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows give away some hints about you, one of which is how welcoming and gregarious you are. Having a number of them in your living room implies you have the natural inclination to make people feel comfortable and relaxed in your home. It also implies that you might even want them to stay in a bit longer. In summary, having this piece of décor in your home shows your top priority for yourself and visitors is the comfort, thus a reflection of your welcoming spirit.

Minimalist Design

Some of the tenets of minimalism includes order, realism or practicality, and extremely clean visual style. People who cherish minimalist home décor style are generally considered to fall in the category of bosses. Such have their schedules streamlined to the barest minimum, have an app send invites for a meal, and are usually in a neatly made outfit even during breaks and holidays. This type of home décor style depicts how much you value orderliness and the minimalist concept of ‘take it off if it doesn’t bring maximum value’.


Little stuff such as the color of your home’s paint shows deeply the type of person you are and your personality. Optimism is essential attributes that have been found in many people who are fond of yellow and orange colors –a cue to the brightness offered by nature’s fire and light of the sun. For people who are naturally attracted to the sky and water bodies, they easily draw towards blues and greens in their choice of color of paints. They as such may have that kind of personality that easily draws back and love solitude.

People who are somewhat outgoing and outspoken generally gravitate towards precious stones, jewels, and fine emeralds which are related to elements of royalty and events. Paint is an essential part of every home and when it comes to decorating the office, the type of color you choose will affect people’s perception of your company.

Floor Plan

For homes that feature open floor plans, a common thing you can easily expect for such families is an element of togetherness. The subtly implication is that just about everything is accessible for use by everyone and all can freely move in all the areas. For offices or homes that feature a closed floor plan, it somewhat depicts a sense of closure and limitedness, thus visitors are not allowed in most of these areas. The catch is that homes with an open floor plan seem to be wider than it is and are more easily illuminated.

Antiques and Arts

Piece of arts and antique accents are elements of erudition and cleverness, irrespective of how people perceived them at their peak times. They speak something about your personality as someone who has a strong interest in history and art. For offices that incorporate them, they usually convey a sense of seriousness; you may want to take note of this especially if you are keen on portraying this kind of personality.

Soft and Gloss Fabrics

People who like luxury stuff and everything extravagant are readily compelled to convey that through a décor style that is shiny sparkling and soft. For such people’s living rooms and offices, you can hardly find metal fixings but rather furniture made from dark brown woods, deep touches of blue or red, high-class sofas, elegant curtains, and nice textured floorings. This is a direct indication of the personality type and the kind of person such homeowners are. As such, your choice of fabric type is an essential part of your living that tells a lot about you.


This may sound quite overly but the fact remains that a piece of bad furniture speaks a whole lot about you. A bad piece of furniture is not a good representation of your personality and must be well taken care of. You can easily conclude on where someone’s attention is fixed on with the way their furniture is arranged in the room. Large and comfortable seating depicts that you like entertaining people and also hanging out. The essential thing is to find an equilibrium between practicality and aesthetics. Both are mutually related but must be carefully expressed to avoid conflicting styles and a décor that gives a poor representation of your personality. By visiting housetipster, interior design ideas are right at your fingertips.


It is a proven fact that your personality is almost always reflected by the style and décor of your living room, even though this could have been unknown to you. Nothing is as amusing as having a perfect balance and synchrony between your personality and your living room’s décor. Always design and decorate for your taste; let your room’s décor be a close reflection of who you are. As you step up to design or redesign your living room, keep abreast of these tips so you can stay within the confines of your personality traits.



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