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Tiny home trend

Tiny homes are no longer just a fad as TV shows reveal how tiny living not only reduces carbon footprints, but also allows you to live small in style.


The Toybox Tiny Home is a compact, energy-efficient home on wheels that can take you places you have never been before. Imagine the possibilities of being able to hitch up and move on to new pastures when the feeling takes you! 

Having been born in, and spend most of my childhood living in a mobile home, I fondly remember the fun of moving from site to site around the UK as the seasons changed. My dad was a campsite manager and we moved from county to county throughout the year and I look back on how it never felt cramped, but more of an adventure.

Today's modern tiny homes are designed to offer the best possible use of space and allow a single couple, or small family, to move around or set down temporary roots almost anywhere. They are compact, self-sufficient dwellings on wheels.

The Toybox Tiny Home is kitted out in the best way to provide every essential and still have plenty of space to move around. Plywood cladding on the walls and cabinets and plywood floors are lightweight and low maintenance and allow the interior to be light and comfortable.

Upholstered storage cubes not only provide necessary storage, they can be moved around to offer seating for relaxation, dining, or for when you need to set up a laptop and do some catching up.





The kitchen area might be small, but it is packed with everything you need for day-to-day living. A single countertop allows space for food prep, cooking and washing up. While a fold-up dining table can accommodate indoor dining when the weather doesn't allow you to set up outdoors.



Behind the sliding wall is a bathroom designed for daily ablutions and showering. The toilet fits opposite the shower unit and hot water is provided by means of a gas-heated water tank.


The loft bedroom above the kitchen and bathroom easily accommodates a king size bed, or two single beds, with awning windows for air circulation.