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Interior Design Trends We'll See in 2021

While 2020 is a year that everyone wants to forget, it has heralded more than a few interior design trends we are likely to see in 2021.



Everyone pretty much wants to forget that 2020 ever happened. There was just too much wrong with the world, whether caused by the Coronavirus, the drama with the US elections or being forced to stay at home, there are some pretty interesting interior design trends that we are likely to see in 2021, most as a result of what happened in 2020.



We have seen open plan living become all the rage in the past 10 years, but experts agree that this might change to a degree as people move towards a closed-door concept for their home as a way to shut out what's happening outside their front door. Trend forecasters predict that we will be closing off certain areas of our home in the need for a bit of privacy. One closed-off room that makes a lot of sense to me is the "cloffice" or office within a closet - a way of making space for a work environment in the home.


Got a closet or built-in cupboard not being used? Turn it into a cloffice!


- The Cloffice

2020 has most definitely brought to the fore the fact that many of us can work from home rather than make the trek through traffic every morning. Closing off a space to work in the home does increase productivity due to the separation from what goes on in the home while you are working. You need a space that can be closed off from the rest of the home if you want to be able to concentrate on daily tasks and meeting deadlines, so setting up a cloffice is the way to go.








- Paint it Natural

I love how easy it is to transform old-fashioned or dated furniture with paint. It's an affordable way to turn yesterday's furniture into pieces for today, pieces that fit perfectly into your home decor. In 2021, while we will still be seeing painted furniture, we will also be keeping it more natural, with wood furniture left as natural as possible. That doesn't mean to say that all your wood furniture should be left unpainted, just those that look too good to spoil with paint.

Keep paints and paintbrushes for those pieces of furniture that need it, or for laminate, veneered or melamine furniture. If you have furniture that has been stained dark, strip back the stain to reveal the natural beauty of the wood underneath. And if you do need to paint furniture, use paints that won't harm the piece. Chalk paint is the quickest way to transform furniture and you can always remove it later on if you want to restore the furniture to its original condition.


We will be seeing a lot more of rattan and wicker furniture and decor accessories in 2021. Time to dig out and restore that 70s wicker bookcase hiding in the garage!



- Keep it Organic

Continuing the trend for 2020 is the continued move towards the use of natural and organic materials such as wicker, rattan and cane. When you consider what the plant gives us to work with, why do we even bother to manufacture using synthetic materials when we have access to earthy colours, textures and patterns.

Decorating with organic materials assists in boosting our heath and wellbeing by using natural materials that are totally VOC-free and won't pollute our living spaces.

Tied in with the trend for the use of organic materials is that of bringing more plants into the home, whether real or dried. We have seen an increase in popular and trending plants as we understand how our mental health is tied to the world around us. But now it's more than that, now it doesn't matter if plants are real or dried, or where plants just don't work for you, silk or faux plants as long as they are not plastic. There is huge popularity growth towards dried flowers dyed in beautiful colours to fill your home with colourful arrangements that can last up to 2 to 3 years.







Greige (grey and beige) continues to be a popular colour for home interiors where a neutral colour palette is selected.



- Pick a Colour You Love

I have previously mentioned on Home-Dzine that, while it is great to be kept informed of trendy colours, I do believe that the colours you paint your home should be a personal choice and not one driven by trends. Having said that, I love the blue hues that we are seeing as trendy and find the Benjamin Moore colour of the year a warm, soothing blue. We might not see this colour on our shores, but that doesn't mean you can't find the perfect paint swatch to match and have the colour mixed for you at your local Builders or paint store.


Benjamin Moore's colour for 2021 is Aegean Blue - a soft, soothing shade of blue that works perfectly in kitchens and bathrooms.


Classic Blue might be the colour of 2020, but it's also one of those colours that work so well in our hot climate. You can use Classic Blue to cool down a hot bedroom, give depth and mood to a living room, or to liven up a kitchen or bathroom. Classic blue is aptly named, as it is one of those classic colours that endures, no matter the trends.


For the rest of the house, neutral colours are still the best. They provide the perfect canvas to paint on bold or bright colours, bring in pops of muted hues, or just let you have fun with any colour combinations you like. Go for white or greige (grey and beige) wall colours and fill up with your favourite pops of colour a room design that pops.







- Getting Crafty in 2021

Whether you enjoy getting your hands dirty with paint, stain, ink or chalk, or you prefer to get into action with power tools, 2021 is going to be the year to get your craft on! It doesn't matter if it's cross-stitch embroidery, upcycling household waste materials, or making your own furniture and decor accessories, 2021 will see more people being creative with their hands.


Whatever craft or hobby you decide upon, look for ways to incorporate nature into everything you make.




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