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How To Decorate A Home Using Classic Blue

Pantone's Colour Of The Year - Classic Blue - is the perfect colour for creating a home that is fresh and cool for the hot spring and summer months ahead.



If the past few years weather is anything to go by, we can expect a hot spring and summer in the months ahead. One easy way to cool down a room - or your home - is to use cooling colours, and Classic Blue is definitely a cooling colour and one that you can use in any decor style or with many other trendy colour combinations.







Using Classic Blue in your decorating scheme is an easy and reasonably affordable way to incorporate cooling elements into a room, whether you use it to paint a feature wall, fill your home with Classic Blue accessories, or simply add a few pops of classic blue colour here and there. Classic Blue is a colour that cools, soothes and relaxes and that's why it makes perfect sense to add some of it to your home in time for the spring and summer months ahead. If you're not sure how to introduce Classic Blue into your colour scheme, read on for some ideas and inspiration.



Any hue or shade of blue on the colour wheel immediately makes one think of clear blue skies and cool oceans. It's a colour we associate with beachside holidays and days out in the country for a leisurely picnic, and that's why the colour blue is associated with relaxation and has the ability to psychologically cool down a room. But more than that, Classic Blue can also be associated with clear thinking and stability - a grounding force against all that is going on in the world at this moment in time.








If you haven't decorated before using bold colours, the best way to start is by introducing small doses of a particular colour into a room. Adding small pops of classic blue into a neutral colour scheme is the easiest way to begin and you can add as much colour that you feel comfortable with. As you grow accustomed to using a bold colour you will feel like experimenting more and more and before you know it, you will be a pro at adding colour to the rooms in your home.


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Blue and white or blue and grey are easy neutral colour schemes to work with and you can add pops of classic blue with the addition of textural fabrics such as throw cushions, printed fabrics for blinds, or even with a rug that has a blue pattern. With white or light grey walls as the backdrop, even a couple of cushions will instantly pop in the room.






Not everyone wants to buy upholstered furniture in such a bold colour, but using Classic Blue in a room lets the furniture take centre stage and be the focus. Think upholstered pieces such as a sofa or couch, or even an accent chair or wingback chair upholstered in a Classic Blue fabric. And let's not forget about a luxurious Classic Blue velvet upholstered headboard. Now that's what I'm talking about!


A Classic Blue upholstered headboard creates a dramatic focal point against a white wall.


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Blue dining rooms are one of the most popular colours at the moment and Classic Blue is just the colour if you want to cool down the room and soothing atmosphere. While colour psychology claims that blue suppresses the appetite, the colour you choose for decorating the home is a matter of personal preference.







Organic materials and natural wood combined with blue and white walls give any bedroom a coastal atmosphere that is both soothing and relaxing.



Whether you go for a full wall, a half wall, or just a piece of a wall, Classic Blue looks stunning when paired with a crisp white or light grey. This is one instance where you can make a room pop without having to paint the entire room. And shades of blue are wonderful for a bedroom that tends to get hot during the spring and summer seasons.


Blue in a bedroom sets the mood for a relaxed atmosphere and Classic Blue has just enough red undertones that you can paint this colour onto walls for any season. In the winter months cocoon yourself with layered bedding or warm up the room with metallic accents in lamps and accessories.


Add sophisticated elegance by pairing Classic Blue with shimmering metallic accents.



If you are looking to dress up a room with contemporary flair, it is so easy to pair Classic Blue with shimmering metallic accents and accessories. Think shiny chrome detailing, mirror-finish pendants and shimmering silver and crystal accessories that bounce light around the space.

It isn't hard to add a glamorous look to a room with Classic Blue, white and silver accents, or swap out white with a warm grey or light taupe to warm up the cool setting. These warmer neutral colours help to balance out the cooling touch of any metallic fittings or accessories.




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