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Make That Home Office Yours!

The lockdown has brought about more awareness for employees working from home, and to do that you are going to need space for a dedicated home office.



When there's no space anywhere else, taking your home office to the bedroom means that you can close yourself off from the rest of the house while you put in a day's work.







The lockdown meant that many employees had to work from home and with that came an awareness of the need for more employees to work from home than ever before. If you are one of those who will be working from home for the foreseeable future, make sure that you have a home office that reflects your style - a space that you can make your own1

In this article, we look at few small or big ways that you can take that carved out space and turn it into a home office that suits your personality and reflects your style - a space you can call your own whether your working space is on the family dining table, at the breakfast bar or in the corner of your living room.



When it comes to a push in finding the right space to set up a home office, a space under the stairs can be just the ticket. Kit out your home office with furniture that reflects the style of your home and complements any pieces in rooms in close vicinity. To ensure your private sanctuary doesn't feel closed off - an office away from the office - add a mirror or two to bring in some light and add at least one indoor plant to liven up the setting.








Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice to have a happy home and happy working space and carving out a corner in a living room might be just the thing. If you choose furniture that is similar to what's already in the room it won't make any difference to the setting. Just make sure to have some handy storage - out of sight- where you can pack everything away in the evenings.



In an open plan living space or studio apartment, it makes a lot of sense to have demarcated zones for living, dining and then for your home office. You might not be able to shut the door for privacy but do make use of shelves or bookcases to offer at least a small amount of privacy, Rugs are an easy way to define specific areas and even though the corner home office is part of the space, it feels separate thanks to a rug and modern shelf unit.







It might not be your office at the office but setting up your home office lets you bring in personal touches with wall art, a plant or two and one or two decorative accessories that make all the difference and make the space yours!


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