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What Colour Should I Paint My Home?

From the Colour Of The Year to seasonal colour trends and more, everyone wants you to paint your house interior in a particular colour, but what if you prefer to use your own colour choices?



Paint manufacturers attract your attention to particular colours whether it's the Colour Of The Year or seasonal colours, they want you to buy paint. But what if you don't like the Colour Of The Year and don't want to paint the interior of your home whenever the seasons change?

If there's one thing that is true about choosing paint colours for their home, it is that paint colour is personal. You might enjoy a bit of advice now and again, but picking out a colour palette for your home is all about colours you like and colours that would look good in a particular room. So forget about trends tempting you to buy a particular colour, we offer advice that will let you feel more confident about your colour choices.






1. Forget Colour Trends

If we all aspired to the latest colour trends, we would have to paint our homes every 3 to 4 months. Not only would that cost us a fortune each year, but it would also pile on the paint on walls and trim. There's nothing wrong with being inspired by colour trends, perhaps if your home needs a new look and you like the colour options, but paint colour promotions, ideas in magazines, and even what you see on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram should be for a source of inspiration only.

Everyone has a favourite colour or two and these generally make their way into a home decorating scheme. From there, choosing a suitable paint colour will either be a similar hue or shade or it will be something completely the opposite - a colour to make a statement.





Colour swatch cards are designed specifically for you to take home and try them out under different lighting conditions.



2. Collect Colour Swatches

It's always good to take a few colour swatches home with you and these will be colours you already like or plan on using in the future, whether to paint walls, trim or furniture. I have a large collection of colour swatches that I have picked up over the years and I always refer back to these if I am planning on painting. But you don't need a whole drawer for colour swatches (like me), just pop into your nearest paint or Builders store and take colour swatches of those colours you are thinking of using.


3. Test The Colours At Home

Paint stores usually have halogen or bright white light to show paint colours to best advantage. The only problem with this is that you don't have the same lighting in your home, which means choosing paint colours in the store will be a fail. If you have taken a few paint colour swatches home, you can view these under artificial and natural light conditions, both during the daytime and in the evening. Looking at paint colours this way will ensure you pick the right colours on the swatch cards under different conditions.



If you find it difficult to visualise how the colours will look, there's always the option to have a small tin mixed that you can paint onto a wall in your home.





4. Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

If you haven't yet stepped over to the dark side, it's about time you did. Sticking to boring colours won't bring out the best in your home or highlight details. Since paint is the easiest way to inject colour into a home, either by painting walls with colour, choosing a bold colour for a feature wall, or adding bold splashes of colour to bring life into a room.

Paint is the most affordable way to colour your home and if you don't experiment you won't know what you are missing.



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