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New homes with reclaimed style

Rafterhouse, a US-based design and build company, combine modern building with old fashioned values for homes that are beautifully crafted and filled with reclaimed style.


When building a home from scratch, you want to make sure you get it right from the go - and not end up with a sterile built project that lacks personality. US-based design and build construction firm, Rafterhouse, take home building to a new level. As part of their design ethics they sit down with clients and look at how elements of reclaimed style can be incorporated into the design.

You're also going to need assistance with moving into your new home and we offer 8 tips for new homeowners so that when you move in you don't have to worry about all the small details.  A local removal company can help take the stress out of moving into your new home.

This family home is filled with a combination of modern, reclaimed and industrial elements that work beautifully together. Raw brickwork, wood floors, reclaimed timber furniture, industrial-style light fittings and salvaged finds lovingly restored.

Looking at some of the images below, it's hard to imagine that these are brand new, built homes. Attention to detail makes all the difference - like custom doors for a pantry and laundry. These are details that you need to discuss with your builder before the construction begins. You don't have to settle for ordinary hollow-core doors when there are so many other options to choose from.

When building your own home - or even renovating a property - you can consider elements to be incorporated into the build that can be included as part of the original mortgage or loan. This way, all the costs are covered at the start and you don't have to worry about trying to organise a loan later on down the line.

Building companies generally contract out services such as tiling, bathrooms and kitchens. If you are looking for something specific for a kitchen or bathroom design, consider hiring the services or a local carpenter/handyman to build and fit for you. More often than not you can also save money by doing it this way - but do make sure to get references from previous clients on workmanship and service delivery.

Reclaimed timber such as scaffolding planks and beams can be bought from a variety of sources - use the power of Google search to find your nearest supplier. Scaffolding planks and beams can be used to make a variety of furniture at a cost cheaper than ready-made items, plus you can make it yourself or hire a carpenter/handyman to make it for you.

Even small details such as light fittings are taken into consideration when finishing off projects. In the majority of homes built, clients and builder sit down to discuss options to incorporate light fittings that complement the style of the finished house - using various reclaimed elements.

Obviously furniture and furnishings are not included, but if you want a home that is filled with atmosphere and personality - it all starts with a blank canvas that is your build. From there you can source your own unique accessories to complete the look.





When building or renovating a home to incorporate reclaimed or industrial style, nowadays many manufacturers are taking cognisance of the popularity for this and introduced furniture and fittings reminiscent of periods. In this lovely bathroom, modern fittings designed in vintage styles adorn the space. To further complement the space, a salvaged steel cabinet is painted in robin's egg blue to add essential storage and a splash of colour.



Incorporating reclaimed fittings into your home loan frees up funds that you will need later on the furnish your new home, and also ensures items are fitted professionally. If your builder isn't able to offer a service to source the items you need, scour online for places that sell reclaimed or salvage goods, or keep an eye on the local classified.